Following last Friday’s Court of Appeals hearing, the FIM Mastered the Ducati winglet protested by Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia and KTM was legal, also confirming Andrea Dovizioso’s Qatar Grand Prix Success.

Ducati held a special press conference with overall manager gi-gi Dall’Igna at Termas de Rio Hondo in front with the weekend’s Argentina GP to clarify Ducati’s perspectives on the situation.

He pointed out Ducati had to disclose sensitive information inside the hearing and highlighted the expenses of enticing the very first protest, which has been ignored by the Qatar stewards.

Dall’Igna said: “We translated the rules in the proper manner, not from the technical director’s point of view but also the Court of Appeal’s perspective, who had the option to read not only our documents but also the documents of our competitors.

“In front of this Court of Appeal, we’ve to tell some thing about our knowledge, in addition facing our competitors. And for certain that really is not fair rather than the best way to accomplish things in motor sport.

&ldquoWe spend for the lawyers and what to get the Court of Appeal, the same to five days in the end tunnel. In 2018, we develop our fairing of our MotoGP bike with 10 days in the end tunnel.

“Fifty% of the aero dynamics end tunnel budget is gone only for the Court of Appeal.

“We believe we now have to close this chapter and look forward and try and become closer to the other manufacturers in the MSMA [manufacturers’ institution ] — of course when it’s ’s potential, to clarify or adjust the rules which aren’t correctly written, or can be written better than they are currently.

“We’re always open to check with our competitors about that. ”

Ducati shares winglet information

Dall’Igna additionally shared any data concerning the advantages of the winglet, which Ducati maintained was used to cool the back tyre in Qatar — but he admitted it also generated down force.

“The outcome of our test we did in Qatar before the race is that people are able to decrease the temperature of the tyres by seven degrees typically,” he said.

“In Ducati’s opinion it’s an important end in terms of performance. ”

Quizzed on a potential secondary aerodynamic benefit, Dall’Igna added: “We’ve got less or more 300 400 newtons [of down-force ] at 180km/h (112mph), 300 grams less or more. ”

Dall’Igna had previously indicated that Ducati could protest Honda for the winglet design while in the aftermath of events at Qatar, in Argentina he reunite to those opinions.

“Honestly speaking, it had been just a provocation, to reveal what will be the outcomes with the scenario if that appeal was not reversed,” he said.

Honda responded to the ruling by preparing a identical winglet of its own, however, it had been rejected by MotoGP Technical Director Danny Aldridge.

Andrea Dovizioso, Ducati Team leads


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