For the first narrative of 2019, swept up with third generation racer and now spotter Coleman Pressley.

The Asheville, North Carolina native went to spotting for Brad Keselowski this season and so they quickly achieved success winning in only their second race together in Atlanta and became the 2nd spotter-driver duo to gain a second Cup race that season last week at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway.

Pressley may be the son of former driver Robert Pressley who made over 400 national show starts and his grandfather was Bob Pressley who made a name for himself throughout short paths from the Carolinas.

Coleman Pressley, who’s made more than 20 national series races as well as numerous late version races across the southeast, still resides in his hometown of Asheville with his wife Kirstie and three daughters Maci, Elleni and Aubri.

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How long have you been spotting?

That is my fifth season spotting at the Cup Series. I spent the last four years together with A.J. (Allmendinger) before proceeding over this season with Brad.

How did you team up with Brad Keselowski and Team Penske?

This came together pretty fast last collapse. Brad decided to get a change and Joey (Logano) and I’m friends and we could gather and talk and it went from there.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job as a spotter?

I really try to concentrate on being precise with the information I provide Brad all through the race weekend. I truly work hard on learning and processing as much information as I could to offer my driver. Qualifying could be hard and I would like to do everything I could to help the team.

Can you spot for anybody besides Brad throughout a race weekend?

I set a few for Jesse Little at the and I simply spot for Brad at the Cup and Xfinity Series.

How do you help in keeping your drivers calm throughout a rush?

Brad is indeed good at staying calm and he’s much better at it than I was as a catalyst. He doesn’t even look back and is always awaiting and it didn’t even take me long to appreciate it.

What is the most rewarding part of your project?

Winning is the best thing for just about almost any racer. Atlanta has been my first win as a spotter. Being a racer you goto win. I’t heard at Team Penske you’r e expected to succeed. Helping create a difference with the team and helping make the car home in Victory Lane enjoy we’t finished to date means a lot.

Would you believe being a former motorist helps you personally as a spotter?

I don’t even think it hurts with a former motorist in the spotter stand as we can associate with certain circumstances in a hurry.

Can you still acquire a feeling of competitiveness in the spotter’s stand like you did driving a race car?

I do once we work hard to help our driver, team chief and the whole team. While it’s not the same as driving a vehicle, you still get pumped up and observe the wins.

What is something that the fans may not comprehend a spotter goes through working each weekend?

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