As shown earlier now , F1 teams as well as the activity’s chiefs are thinking about a delay from June to December into the finalising of the new-look F1’s car rules in an attempt to prevent top teams getting a head-start in throwing extra resource in their endeavors first.

But while a delay could mean smaller teams wouldn’t have to look at spending resource on early 2021 investigations, they are not sure that a change of date will discontinue the large money outfits using an advantage anyway.

Alfa Romeo team principal Fred Vasseur said:”It is always hard to know whether the [late] publication of the rules will help the little teams or even the big teams.

“They can come up with considerably faster compared to individuals and it’s not an easy means to pick.

“Frankly, for me personally it is not simply an issue of timing it’s a matter to be certain of what we’re doing. We are not in a rush.”

team principal Gunther Steiner added:”The big teams will always be in a much better position as the theory is that they need to take a much better position if we start later, because they could throw even more in a brief while, and put emphasis on it. It is neither here nor there.

“At some point we only need to come to a finish and get started and begin, and perhaps not talk — maybe one includes a bit of an advantage, because that is the reason why we don’t pick.

“From the side, should we come from June fine, should we come from December fine as wellwe will not have a major opinion about either of it.”

team principal reckoned that a December delay will at least be good in terms of saving costs for the smaller drapes.

“First of all, it is not 100% decided yet. It ought to be confidential,” explained Tost in regards to the discussions over a delay into regulations being finalised.

“The major topic is [about] not spending additional money, as the new regulations being published is to be able for teams to start to investigate the new regulation also to devote a good deal of money for development.

“This means in case the new regulation comes out June this year teams will immediately concentrate to build engineering groups to inquire into the new regulation and to get started with different tests and simulators merely to have an edge out of it.”


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