ALAMEDA, Calif. — YesDerek Carr is entering the 3rd year of the $125 million extension that briefly made him the highest-paid player at the match at the summer of 2017.

And also the Oakland Raiders program on working out Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray and Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins, with already coached Missouri’s Drew Lock and also Duke’s Daniel Jones from the Senior Bowl.

But just because the Raiders are sniffing around faculty quarterbacks does not necessarily mean they have been ready to jettison Carr, whose career arc has seen him peak in 2016 and fall off a bit the previous two seasons.

The Raiders, in their own opinion, are only doing their homework at the main position in team sports.

“Should you find yourself with yourself a blue chip quarter back, you’t got a opportunity to win every match,” coach said at the owners meetings weekly.

“Once you solve that location, you’t have a genuine chance. When you get that guy playing at a blue chip grade, it certainly helps. And that’s that which we’re going to try to do with Derek. And if that does happen, we’ll be on our way. ”

The Raiders additionally included Nathan Peterman into the practice group This past Year and Mike Glennon and Landry Jones previously week.

Carr, 28, finished tied for third at MVP voting in 2016, when he hit a pinkie on his death hand in Week 12 before suffering a season-ending broken right leg at Week 16. Back in 2017, he missed a match after surviving three broken bones in his back on a Week 4 sack.

His Absolute QBR has fallen from 54.6 into 51.0 into 49.3 the past few seasons, since his sack totals have climbed from 16 to 20 into 51. Stillhe showed a superior grasp of Gruden’s crime in the 2nd half of last season and had a streak of 332 passes with an interception, the third-longest such streak in history. This following leading the in selections, with eight, during Week 5.

Gruden expects a hop in production to Carr at 20-19 since the only other time Carr played at the exact same system in successive seasons, in 2016, he lit things up.

Which, with his hefty contract that conveys a salary-cap number of 22.5 million in 2019, is actually a major reason both Gruden and brand new general director Mike Mayock continue to refer to Carr as a “franchise quarterback” to get .

Even while they scout for his prospective replacement.

You better know what other teams are curious. You better know whether you can better your own position. And that’so part of just what a GM and also a mind coach do, is evaluate every position onto your football team and you owe it to your team to accomplish the very best job that you can to upgrade wherever it’s possible. But I said this at the combine, I don’t think there’s very [lots of ] people walking round who are far better than . ”

Gruden’s reputation for being a QB whisperer of sorts is also coming to play.

But is it of a smokescreen, ’s attention at a high speed quarter back from the draft? Might the Raiders, in desperate need of a pass rush, only trade out of No. 4 with a QB-needy team if, say, Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa, Kentucky out linebacker Josh Allen and Alabama defensive handle Quinnen Williams are gone from the first few picks?

The Raiders now have eight picks complete.

“Advice if you ask me is golden,” Mayock added. “ is really a quarter back guy, right? Most of us know is really a quarter back guy. Thus Jon’so going to evaluate every quarter back out there, annually. Every single calendar year. This ’s just who he is.

“As his partner inside this thing, I’t must be somewhat mindful of this, and I think that it pays tangential results down the road. ”


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