scored its first podium of this hybrid in when RedBull Racing’s ended third, having mimicked ’s at a point.

“Without doubt, the s have a much superior power unit in 2013,” explained Hamilton. “I think their engine operation is extremely, very close.

“I feel it’s within 10bhp or some thing of the best cars.

“If you look at their GPS rate on the straights, they’re virtually equally like quick as individuals.

“That’s a terrific beginning for these and I truly hope the reliability’s strong for these so they can be really in the struggle .”

Wondering if or even RedBull would be the major challengers to in Bahrain, he said”They were really strong here a season and RedBull look as they’re really upgrading, so I’m really excited to watch .”

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Hamilton claims that has made good improvements with the W 10, but admitted that the team has been”fortunate” to find a competitive installment window.

“We are still learning about it. Even as we mentioned in testing it certainly was not great to start with. However now we found a window in which it works a whole lot better.

“We’re very, very fortunate to come across this. When we had not discovered that in testing, we probably wouldn’t experienced exactly the same results we did in the first race.

“That was very difficult work from everyone jointly. It is a much better car however it’s not perfect, there are still areas we’re working on. Nonetheless, it is really a really wonderful platform for us dancing.

“We all do understand the vehicle a good deal better especially from testing, the favorable two days, and the race weekend. Now we’re moving into a really positive way .”

However, Hamilton says it’s too premature to find the actual pattern of how the three top cars compare.

“Every track offers something different. The previous track was very similar to in the sense of we use maximum down force, this really is different again because it is extremely hot here and attracts different faculties.

“I actually don’t feel like at least one of these races which we have coming up show one particular similarity. All of them are different in their ways plus it takes several races to fully comprehend where everybody stands, even whether a vehicle works on every circuit you can not tell from two. It will take a few races at least.”


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