The long time leaders of Slovakian expressed frustration after team from Bistrica won decoration in the end of penalty-shotout that should ended before tenth collection. 

  • Following five chain of 7-meter cries result was equal. Rule saying that teams need to choose five penalty-takers, but the end is when some of the teams get advantage, perhaps not after another five shots. Oliver Rabek scored for 5:4 at the end of seventh series, but delegates continued with shot-out for three additional chain — stated HC Tatran Presov director Miro Benicki and added:
  • Some of excuse after our protest after the match was that “we should react immediately”. Rules need to be known firstly by officials to the match. It had been similar situation in EHF Cup match between Icelandic Hafnafjordur and Russian Sankt Petersburg when delegate left mistake and EHF confessed and coordinated the new one. We’ll speak additionally with EHF in cases like this — reasoned Tatran Presov manager. 

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