Ducati argued that the appendage was used chiefly to cool that the back tyre rather than for aerodynamic advantage, that will be illegal in that area of the bike.

The 4 manufacturers’ protest went completely into the FIM Court of Appeals, that dominated to discount it last year Tuesday, but Honda’s actions in Argentina reveal it is continued to push the situation.

Japan manufacturer had presented its version of this winglet on Thursday, whilst publicly admitting that it was usedto generate down force — that resulted in the appendage perhaps not being qualified by Aldridge.

On Friday, however, Honda made its second attempt to possess the winglet homologated for use, although this time it announced that a separate purpose for that appendage.

Aldridge has now approved the winglet, so Honda can begin deploying it on its RC213V.

Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer will have also triumphed in what appeared to be the main aim of the exercise — to show the flaws in the current MotoGP technical regulations.


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