The 32-year-old got an infection on his knee while training also it has put his bout with Alexander Volkanovski in jeopardy.

“I was training wrestling last week and I moved for a double leg take down and I kind of burnt my knee to the mat and it got infected, so I moved to the hospital along with my knee (was) pretty bloated. Once I moved there, they merely kept me at the hospital,” clarified Aldo following 237 press conference on Thursday.

“After I got to the hospital, I was just assumed to be available for a night and then the antibiotics they gave me didn’t do the job, so they waited another 2 days and changed the antibiotics that started to get the job done. ”

He’so optimistic about having the ability to fight, but isn’t certain when he’ll be in a position to.

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“Obviously I thought about maybe not having the ability to fight. I can’t say that I’m definitely going to fight because I want to go to the doctor and get it re evaluated. We’re doing what we could and hopefully I’ll get healed up,” he said. “We’re doing what we could. My knee is still a bit bloated, but I trained a little bit what I really could. ”

Aldo has been advised to visit his doctor on Thursday, but had to cancel due to the media conference. He intends to receive his knee assessed again whenever possible.


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