The Swede, who directs the championship after an opening round win at home ground, headed Julius Tannert from 0.9sec after a enormous fight on catchy mountains roads in the south east of the Mediterranean island.

Jan Solans opened an impressive six-second advantage in the opening point, however a clot in the next test cost over two minutes. It given Kristensson a lead he was not able to drop his Ford Fiesta r 2.

Two stage wins extended his advantage on Tannert to nearly 13sec, but the German battled back into the day. He ate right into Kristensson’so result in leave the duel balanced on a knife edge in front of tomorrow’therefore maximum leg.

The intensity and pace is some thing I’t never experienced earlier. We’re keeping the vehicle on the road. As we’ve already seen today, mistakes may be expensive here of course, if you’re not about the street, you stand no possibility of scoring or winning points,” he explained.

Tannert ended 17.7sec away from Dennis ep ådström, with a hard-charging Solans recovering to fourth. The Spaniard won four of their six speed evaluations, but is two minutes adrift of Kristensson after his or her cessation. Tom and Roland Poom finish the best six.

Sean Johnston retired following a huge crash in SS 2 in that his car smashed into a stone face before rebounding around the street and rolling. Latvia’s Martins Sesks exited in the following stage after a similarly heavy wreck.

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