Kubica, that was simply another slower than Russell in FP2, was at a loss to comprehend why the information signaled that the cars have different aerodynamic traits.

Crucially he’s mastered floor harm, then has been believed to have cost him performance in Melbourne.

“At least we knew that in Australia I ran a different set-up than George and we can definitely see different traits in the cars,” the Pole explained.

“Here we started with the exact identical set up and the attribute remains another different.

“I thought in Australia that it had been maybe caused by a few damages into a floor, and why not another set up, however after the very first session here we got an answer.

“It is apparent that we are driving two different cars with the same set up, therefore that is something we need to comprehend. It’s quite obvious on this data. Therefore today we must decide to try and locate the main reason why “

Expanding on the floor issuehe added:”the vehicle traits with the exact identical set up are very different. I’d any uncertainty after Australia, frankly I thought it had been caused by floor harm.

“The floor is in a fantastic state , and we have been still through we have been using the exact same baseline set up as the different car we now have different traits, it’s rather important.

“Maybe it’s some thing within the aero that’s bothering a lot the handling of the vehicle and the general grip of the vehicle. So we must wait and see and try to find the answers”

He noted that the auto behaviour was which makes it hard for him to push the limit.

“It is looking strange, to tell the truth, and it’s really putting me in a really tough position to drive the vehicle. Additionally, should I try to follow this up with a few balance shift I must decrease alot the traction, and also the potential of the vehicle.

I make it even more drivable, I’m slow. I make it let us state as it should be and it’s really undriveable. It’s a very, very tough situation.

“I simply trust that we will be able to solve it if we are ready to solve it’s going to probably be the very first time I am driving the car with better potential.

“It is matching my feelings, and it is plainly visible on this data. There needs to be reasons, nothing happens without a purpose, so we just have to get a deep think.

Kubica remains optimistic about that has been a capacity to boost the vehicle.

“If we are ready to fix it in order to find the ones normal traits then a feeling will improve and also the operating window will likely become bigger.

“Today it’s really tough to drive and I must take actions on the installation to improve driveability and it’s really reducing lots of the traction it’s very hard.”

Russell had any sympathy for his fighting teammate.

“I am interested in Australia we managed to optimise what he did,” said the F2 champion. “And when was saw the videos, my car looked more easy to drive compared to his vehicle.

“He is a bit off the pace right now and I understand he is not off pace from that far.

“I suspect there is something inside because of him personally. Even if they find it are still far off the pace”


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