Lorenzo lasted two injuries until his race introduction with Honda because he fractured his left wrist while learning January, then cracked a barbell through the Qatar race .

Going to the second round of this summer season in Argentina, Lorenzo stated he would soon be “extra” careful never to wreck , and he ended Friday in 21st, in front of only Hafizh Syahrin.

But, Lorenzo said he felt”quite well” through the afternoon, and confessed his battles were more down to his own inexperience using all the Honda, and also his issues in the low-grip states of this Termas de Rio Hondo circuit.

“Physically I am quite well,” he explained. “This morning I experienced some small pain particularly in the wrist, by forcing. Now I can induce just a little bit more so I make a little bit more effort from the wrist.

“This day I take some pain killers, a little bit better. We want probably one, two or three weeks to recover completely in either harms, or almost completely.

“However [that] just isn’t the actual problem so far… It’s more my inexperience with the bike together with a track that [I] not like.

“It’s difficult for me as the grip of this tarmac is really awful, really slippery. I’m a rider who needs grip to make the most of this maximum potential of my riding, and so I struggle here.

“Together with all my lack of experience with the motorcycle, and these injuries make my life not easy at the moment.”

Lorenzo reported developments regarding his stance on the Honda since Qatar, and reckons he is going to be competitive when MotoGP arrives in Europe at Jerez.

“If before I had five to eight things I really don’t enjoy about the position of the motorcycle, we improve most of it,” he further added. “There are just a couple things that may be improved in the future, therefore I am better.

“We need to put together a lot of things but now, when I don’t have experience, in good states like in Qatar first clinic with good traction and everything, I’m in front.

“I hope that if we proceed to Jerez I is going to soon be very competitive. Both of these races would likely be difficult for me but I’m gonna attempt to get the best result to get things and to get experience with the bike without crashing.”


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