Since you might have heard, earlier this week, Conor McGregor abruptly announced he was retiring from MMA. A lot of people failed to put too much stock within the retirement though; after all, McGregor had achieved almost the exact same thing before before. But UFC President Dana White is (at the very least openly ) acting as though the retirement is real, and also, after that day after McGregor’so announcement, the New York Times ran a written study revealing that McGregor is under investigation from the Gardai (Irish police) because of his potential involvement in a sexual assault case in December. McGregor’s spokesperson Karen J. Kessler published an announcement right after the news broke, saying that McGregor’s retirement statement was absolutely not related to the report. But Chael Sonnen isn’t buying it.

“The American Gangster” recently analyzed McGregor’s disorderly 24-hours in his YouTube station , opining that, given the conditions, McGregor should have been looking to retire and indicating someone may have told him to resign so as not to tarnish the UFC.

“It might appear to me if there was ever a time that you want a buddy, it’s right now,” Sonnen stated. “I wouldn’t assume that retiring, alerting yourself, carrying out yourself of some thing very favorable, very loved, very enviable as a way of strategy while being forced to handle something tremendous, would be wise. I’d think at a time such as this you’d keep as many friends as many doors, as well as lots of things open as you could. ”

“The other side of that coin is which could easily tarnish one other entity. You will to come to some one, or you have some come to you and move ‘Appearance, this is not likely to become good branding, but this is not likely to become good time. This will be a dip of the highest of levels, it’s advisable if you step away. It’s advisable when headlines don’t emerge this say ‘UFC celebrity Conor McGregor’ fillintheblank. ”

A sexual assault allegation against their main celebrity is surely a community relations tragedy that the UFC might really like to avoid in general, but if his retirement could minimize the blowback into the UFC as of this point is questionable. That’s to not mention that the UFC might not still try to distinguish themselves out of McGregor but, Sonnen does additionally allow it may be an act of generosity from McGregor into the company which helped make him a worldwide superstar.

“Perhaps Conor at the spirit of sportsmanship (said) ‘Hey, you guys did a lot for me, ” ’m gonna catch the hell out of your way for just a little bit while I cope with this particular specific ’” Sonnen stated. “Or somebody else came and said ‘Hey, split up yourself and get it done today. The shoe’s longing na shed, that’s your condition …’ Something more along such lines. ”

In preceding decades, the business was heavily reliant upon McGregor and the earnings that his pay-per-view occasions attracted, giving McGregor more leverage and bargaining capability than some UFC fighter in history. In actuality, his first “retirement” turned into a hardball tactic by McGregor while negotiating with an UFC about his second bout. But the UFC only signed an exclusive PPV cope with ESPN+, insulation them in the financial essentials that gave McGregor so much leverage at days gone by . Add that in with the allegations against McGregor, as well as his recent legal trouble and, as Sonnen puts it, now is a perfect time to get out of the conor-mcgregor match for awhile.

“It’s just not just a great time to reserve conor-mcgregor. ”

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