World Rugby insists the second branch of the suggested Nations Championship would be considered a”fully fledged competition” that would receive”significant investment”.

It comes following the RFU outlined its concerns on the impact of relegation.

While encouraging the planet league theory in principle, the RFU is now not able to back the plans.

World Rugby has set a deadline of 5 April for unions to summarize their aim.

However the RFU says more time and information will be expected before they create a business decision.

What Exactly Is World Rugby proposing?

World Rugby’s projected Nations Championship would see that the 12 teams at the top tier playing eachother once in a season, either through recognized contests like the Six Countries or during summer or autumn Test windows.

Cash-strapped southern hemisphere unions are firmly behind the proposal, but most of the Six Nations unions are luke warm, with concerns on promotion and relegation, as well as enticing offers on the table from private equity and such.

Relegation could see a northern hemisphere giant dropout from their Six Nations, some thing unions believe would be catastrophic given the current chasm – both on and off the pitch – involving the Six Nations and Rugby Europe.

Exactly what does the RFU consider that?

The RFU, alongside one other Six Nations unions, believes that the gap between the Six Nations and also the second degree could be disastrous, and needs peace from World Rugby about the way that instant branch would look.

Interim leader Nigel Melville has lent his “huge concerns” about the industrial impact of dropping out from their Six Nations, with RFU insiders urging World Rugby to get heavily in the European second tier.

It’s believed that Irish and Scottish unions are especially opposed to relegation out from their Six Nations.

However, it is understood Rugby Europe, the firm which conducts the European competition below the Six Nations, would be revamped as part of their Nations Championship.

It might result in groups like America and Canada playing in Europe throughout February and March, together with recognized European groups like Georgia and Romania.

2nd branch a’growth chance’

Despite the concerns of the based northern hemisphere unions, in-front – that the sport marketing company financing the universe league to the tune of £5bn – believe the second branch is that the area with the biggest growth prospect.

“The second branch would be a fully fledged competition that’ll receive considerable financial commitment,” said some sort of Rugby spokesperson.

“We believe in it, not simply as a pathway, but as a spectacle – and also in-front perform too.

“It’s fundamental with their engagement and they’re enthused about the sporting and commercial possibility of a powerful 2nd branch.”

Further financial research will be phased out into the unions this week, even with World Rugby still optimistic the championship will get off the ground despite the several obstacles.

Nevertheless, the resistance from powerful parties like the RFU means it remains improbable the Nations Championship will be established with time for 20-22, with World Rugby needing unanimity to get the tournament off the ground.

“We continue to believe in a theory with got the greatest interests of the global game at heart,” added the spokesperson.

“it’s crucial to clarify that any union that’s relegated would be ensured that the parachute payment, ensured their current media and sponsorship earnings from international windows through to 2033, and may have accrued additional substantial incremental earnings for each year that they are at the top branch.”


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