Neil Lennon is stressing that his future at Celtic does not rely on success over Rangers on Sunday.

The interim manager, contracted until the summer, is responsible for the original derby since returning to the club.

“so far as I’m aware my remit this does not revolve around a couple of matches,” said Lennon.

“My role does not depend on Sunday’s effect. It’ll depend on if we can deliver decorations and that I assume, specifically, the team title.

“Win, lose or draw it is perhaps not going to have an effect either way.”

A result, Lennon says, that will offer inspiration this weekend.

“I’m sure it’s going to be lingering in the back part of the players’ heads as most of beats do, so it’ll be extra incentive and motivation,” he said.

Defeat at Ibrox left ninth amount on issues with Rangers, with a game in hand, however the winners have since expanded their lead to 10 points.

A house win on Sunday would be a”hammer blow” with their nearest challengers, said Lennon”but not insurmountable”.

“I want Rangers to have the noise and also the power which we’re able to generate from the scene, not simply from the team, however the fans too. I believe this is exactly what really being at home in a derby is about. We generate that feeling and then we feed off that.”

‘Once the whistle goes you are good’

Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Cut back to the club following Brendan Rodgers’ passing for Leicester City in February, Lennon will look to recreate the success of the last Old Firm derby accountable – a 3-0 home win in 2012.

However, Lennon admits this is a fixture he has to”endure” maybe not appreciate.

“I think once the whistle goes you’re nice, and you are able to take whatever comes with it, but the build-up can be difficult occasionally,” he said.

“Again, this one was only a little bit different, a lot more calm, probably because we’re in a decent position getting into it”

“I’m not really a physio, so we will give it twenty four hours and find out how it goes,” said Lennon of all Tierney. “We’ve got a fair idea what the starting 11 will probably be. We are simply waiting to get some players coming through.

“We have had a lot of injuries, however it’s very good to find some excellent players returning. It gives every one a boost, however the players who have played with , particularly since I have come , did closely. We’ll be prepared for any eventuality.”


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