With all the Milton Keynes-based outfit ending up supporting Renault whilst the nearest challenger to Ferrari and Mercedes in 2nd clinic , it knows it takes to make a step of progress.

However, while invited by their car played on the medium compound, Red Bull’s drivers state that work is needed over night to know the RB15 is not delivering to the soft.

Verstappen said about his day, as he ended up sixth in FP2:”It has been okay but there’s still a significant bit of work todo. I’m still not happy with how the car is behaving. We’ll check in to the information to night to see what we are able to improve.

“About the medium tyre, we’re very competitive. We should’ve been fast, but outside of this final corner I had only a small issue, and so I lost several tenths there.

“But on the softest tyre, I did not feel that the traction like I should possess. We need to look to this “

Gasly, that ended up 12th at the second semester, included:”FP1 was good. FP2 was good too, just by means of the soft tyres we tried some thing and it did not really do the job.

“We’re still lacking a bit of pace with the soft tyres, but we will work tirelessly to find out to tomorrow”

Having conquered Ferrari at Australia, both drivers said that it was not necessarily a massive surprise to observe that the Maranello-based outfit strike back today.

Verstappen said:”I really don’t know what went wrong from Melbourne but today they are extremely competitive . So that is exactly what we expected already in Melbourne.”

Gasly included:”We knew they’d be fast, especially on this particular course. They have been fast annually and I think Australia was not weird. But they definitely look very strong this weekend”


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