By Dan Ambrose:

Mikey looked fat, slow down and out of shape for the struggle, and totally unlike that which normal welterweights seem like in terms of these physiques. All working out that Mikey failed at the SNAC facility to bulk up with muscles proved to be a waste of time, since it didn’t increase his speed power, and that put on lots of fat instead of muscle weight.

“He also didn’t have a chance to win the struggle,” Derrick James thought to Fighthype roughly Mikey Garcia in talking about the way one sided the struggle had become by the 11th round. He was fighting, however he wasn’t showing much crime. It wasn’t the size. This had been the skill set. This had been the 11th round. How do you let some guy take as much punishment? ” James said in talking about how he told Mikey Garcia’s to stop the struggle to save their fighter out of taking punishment.

It had been surprising that Mikey’s trainer Robert Garcia didn’t stop the struggle from the ninth round if he started becoming summoned by Spence. At the first eight rounds, it was understandable why Robert Garcia wouldn’t want to stop the competition at that time. Spence was mostly jabbing, also gaining a master class performance. However, by the 9th round , Spence took the struggle into Mikey, hammering him with power shots, and also making him appear to be some guy that didn’t be long within the ring with him.

Robert maybe not quitting the struggle from the round is that which seemed strange to lots of people. Things got worse for Mikey from the round on, as he had been taking withering fire from Spence, also maybe not coming back with anything meaningful. Mikey simply landed 75 punches in the entire fight. Considering the fact that Spence was projecting close 100 punches a round, it kind of puts things in perspective. It had been total rout. Robert had pulled the plug on Mikey’s fight with Orlando Salido at 2013, also he took less punishment contrary to him he did against Spence.

The typical belief by the buffs would be Mikey was only trying to survive to observe that the final bell at the 12th round instead of attempting to consciously get the success.

Mikey has been giving lots of interviews since his loss to Spence. Perhaps Mikey should come out later after he feels more comfortable to discuss his or her / her loss.


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