While the jury is out on the potency of new front wing regulations allowing cars to stick to each more closely, drivers have no doubts that greater DRS in 20-19 has boosted its own effectiveness in battle this past year.

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However, Verstappen believes that although it is good drivers may fight, he reckons fundamentally Formula 1 needs to get solutions that allow more conventional overtaking moves.

“Together with the DRS, that has been the large positive,” explained Verstappen about his perspectives on the rules to help racing. “They did that well.

“However, of course in a way maybe you don’t want to have the DRS overtakes.

“I would be a fan of attempting to really go a way from DRS overtaking. But at the moment that is a good option, I figure, on certain tracks where you normally can’t get by.”

Verstappen’s perspectives have been backed by Le Hamilton, who claims DRS is really just a sticking plaster to its lack of overtaking chances that modern f 1 allows.

“Obviously DRS is really a band-aid for its bad quality of the racing that individuals get with the cars which can be designed,” said the world champion. “However, it is what it is.

“You can’t change the fundamental structure of these cars are and also the wake they create, so they have to look for a way of making racing easier.”

Speaking about how well the regulations have worked, Verstappen added:”Well following is still tricky.

“However, for me, the major problem was – in my very first stint for instance I believed that I was more faster than Sebastian [Vettel] however that I couldn’t run close because my pajamas were overheating. I had to back out. After which ofcourse with the turbulence you get from the cars it’s perhaps not ideal.”

Both Verstappen and Hamilton are clear that the improved DRS, plus an additional zone in Bahrain, could contribute to more overtaking this past year.

Verstappen said:”Here any way it’s possible to overtake more, so you’ll undoubtedly see a whole great deal more over taking going on.

“I also think if people pass with the DRS, as it’s such a major slot, even when the guys then move behind again, I think that the turbulence of the vehicle means you may truly have a fight back again. It will be interesting.

Hamilton added:”I assume it’s going to make it even more exciting. You are going to need to be more tactical. Here often there is this kind of big delta period you’ve to own into the car in front to really have a chance of overtaking. Increasing the DRS reduces that per lap, which I presume is a positive thing.”

Verstappen has implied when DRS overtaking chances become too easy then your should reevaluate the zones.

“Yeah, only shorten the zone – I think through time we’ve made it longer, maybe you can now make it shorter.”


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