MILWAUKEE — THERE IS a great deal going on the sports world at this time. The season only kicked in to high gear with its very first full slate of matches in 20-19. The NCAA basketball tournaments come in the middle of these dramatic stretch.

With this much activity, those of you reading this from beyond the chilly-but-lovely environs of this Upper Midwest may possibly have overlooked this: Thursday was one of the very notable sports days from the annals of one our very cosmopolitan sports communities. Brew Town. Cream City. Milwaukee, a city so gritty that Teddy Roosevelt once talked for 90 minutes using one of its streets after he had been taken by a would-be assassin.

All these are red-letter days for Milwaukee sports and, for example, that collective chills doesn’t have anything to do with the Green Bay Packers. Meanwhile, the NBA’s Bucks are final in on clinching the league’s best album and so therefore are genuine name dangers for the very first time as early 1980s.

“We have had 98 per cent of the season-ticket holders re-up,” effusive Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said. “That is extraordinary. I also think, incidentally, the success that the Bucks are having [helps] from the community. To own the Bucks from the city [both] successful only gets everybody excited.”

However, this is more seminal than that, because the Brewers and Bucks are led by young celebrities who’ve come to be the faces in their various franchises, and who’re quite likely the most popular current denizens with the mature beer town.

I am writing, of course, roughly Christian Yelich, the Brewers’ MVP right fielder, also Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks’ do-everything phenom, who’s embroiled in a neck-and-neck race together with Houston’s James Harden to get NBA MVP honors.

“I believe that they have to both win it,” LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers said of Antetokounmpo’s pursuit. Rivers has Milwaukee ties too, having played his college ball at Marquette, however he did not want to favor one star or the other. “why don’t you just make everybody happy?”

In the event the NBA voting goes the Greek Freak’s manner, Milwaukee would enjoy at least a half-year streak with reigning MVPs in both and basketball. And although it really is one of the smallest markets in all of professional sports, believe it or not, Milwaukee appears to be more than big enough for both of them.



sits down with to give his ideas onto his MVP race James Harden, the criteria to win MVP and his moments restrictions.

THE PACKERS STILL include the very famous athlete in in quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a two-time MVP in his own right. Even though ites will always bleed green and gold, Green Bay is coming from its initial back-to-back losing seasons since 1990 91, just before Brett Favre took over at quarterback. Typically when you walk the streets of downtown Milwaukee, irrespective of calendar, if you watch people wearing sports garb, there is a fantastic chance they are repping that the Packers.

Nevertheless, the current vibe in the city has been captured perfectly by one buff I watched perusing the titles and faces of this Sports Walk of Fame, also a collection of plaques affixed to concrete columns on the sidewalk along Vel R. Phillips Avenue, two or three blocks by the Fiserv Forum. He was wearing a Packers jersey, the very first evidence of this team I’d seen all afternoon. The number on it was”34,” that put me wondering who wears or has worn the number for the Pack. But the man turned around so I can begin to see the name on the rear of the jersey.

Yelich and Antetokounmpo do not know each other, though I guess some enterprising advertising and advertising ace will find a way to pair them sometime soon. But they do understand of, and respect, eachother. During a visit to the Brewers’ impressively renovated spring complex in Maryvale, Arizona, earlier this month, I was ready Yelich’s locker to talk with the MVP.

“They gave me several of those Giannis socks,” Yelich said, laughing along with never saying that”they” were. They have had a fantastic season, so hopefully they could finish off that .”

Meanwhile, Antetokounmpo discussed how exactly Yelich’s break out success last season was not hard to miss. I asked him whether he knew who Yelich was, being that he climbed up in Greece and wouldn’t have had much premature exposure . Ends up, he can know quite a bit about Yelich, though they don’t yet know eachother in actuality, since the children say.

“Yeah, yeah. “He came to the Phoenix game. We did not talk and do not have a connection, however I watched him . Tried to check up that he was I figured out he was the MVP. Then I started realizing he’d like billboards all over Milwaukee. Tried to follow up a little bit researching the Brewers.”

If Antetokounmpo lands his MVP award, it wouldn’t be the very first time that a city has had reigning MVPs in the sports. Because the NBA admits its award at the center of the season, the definitions may find yourself a bit convoluted. Therefore let us give attention to occurrences that could suit this . To Put It Differently, here are the instances in which the NBA gave its own MVP award for a participant in the city which also had a MVP at the time:

Together with Houston celebrating both Jose Altuve and Harden last season — during the months between when Harden was respected from the NBA in June and also Altuve relinquished his award to Boston’s Mookie Betts in November — obviously it has never been long at all since it’s happened. Still, it’s a rare thing and, curiously , when it has happened before, it has occurred in forthcoming decades. That is simply a shame, however if you are the kind to seek omens, that certainly has to simply help Antetokounmpo’s fortunes. Both players confessed that, yeah, it would be pretty cool when that happened.

“It is an awesome sports town with amazing sports fans. I am sure they’d be fired up. [Antetokounmpo] absolutely deserves it.”

Michael McLoone/USA TODAY Sports

In fact, 2018 has been the very first twelve months by which both teams made the playoffs as it happened in consecutive seasons in 1981 82. Apart from 1981, 1982 and also 2018, it has never happened. There is a seven-year stretch in 1992 to 1998 when neither team made the postseason.

This history is well-known across the city in Milwaukee. I discovered one bartender tell some Cardinals fans,”We are pushing this while we are able to.”

Milk, though a staple of ’s graphic, was nevertheless not much on display Thursday morning in the parking lots around Miller Park. Far more common has been a particular carbonated yellow beverage, the one that has a long history in Milwaukee. Located a couple km west of downtown, Miller Park is in kind of an unusual, isolated location. It’s also perfect for the ite’s preferred activity: tailgating. That is invariably the explanation I get whenever I talk about the park’s location. People desire to tailgate.

Inside the park and, yes, it was indoors, since the roof had been closed — that the Opening Day ceremonies have been recognizable, since they should be, even while the 149th season of major league got underway. The Brewers’ employees, dressed up for the occasion, gathered for a group photo near home plate. Milwaukee’s four franchise MVPs — Yelich, Ryan Braun, Rollie Fingers and Robin Yount — awakened for its first pitch ritual,” subsequently introduced with all the field.

“Exactly how many organizations have four MVPs which remain able endure ?” Yount quipped. “And throw out a first pitch? And catch them? I believe that is pretty trendy .”

The Cardinals broke out to an early 3-0 lead, before Mike Moustakas captured the Brewers in the board using a homer to centre. But they nearly did.

There were just two out, not one on, in the ninth. Vicious Brewers super-reliever Josh Hader had mowed down five sequential Cardinals, nearly exclusively with fastballs which were found at feebly. Therefore it was a shock when not only did pinch-hitter Jose Martinez create touch but delivered a chunk rocketing toward the weapon in right-center. From the press box, someone spat aloud — it’s that reflexive reaction a scribe gets if he knows the game narrative he’s ready to send will be about to become obsolete.

However, Lorenzo Cain was tracking the chunk from his position in centre, closing on it using his long strides. He even reached the weapon at exactly the exact identical period as the ball, leaped, and took the potential tying home run away from Martinez and the Cardinals. Yelich watched from nearby and push both arms into the atmosphere. It ended up in the glove of Moustakas.

“It’s a great way to start the year,” Yelich said. “This game had a bit of every thing in it. I actually don’t know if there has a been an ending like that on Opening Day. I can not remember there being one. It was fun to watch. Gave we a bit of a jolt there.”

Subsequently , the Brewers all spoke about the way the story book finish meant that the magical that propelled them far in 2018 is living also. And maybe it is, however there’s a rationale that they always say that the season is long. Because it is. Thursday has been No. 1 of 162. It’s among the players, and also the fans, will remember, however it is a lot like 2018 never really stopped.

“I was wrong, this looked like last year,” said Counsell, who spring has been emphasizing that this really is a new year and last year has no bearing on this particular one. On the other hand, Yelich says to a certain extent this is only who the Brewers are, specially as the club returned a great majority of its own 2018 roster.

“I think we understand our identity as a team, the way we win matches,” Yelich said. “That looks like our formula. It’s amazing to see get down early, fight back, and find a means to win.”

WHEN THE POSTGAME interviews were ended, I collected my stuff raced out to the parking lot to grab a ride-share Down Town. It was a madhouse beyond Miller Park, an hour-plus after the game, along with my motorist kept saying,”I did not want to emerge here.” We managed to break free of the throng and after that, I was soon back at my hotel, at which I dropped off a few matters, picked up my coat and headed out across the Milwaukee River for its walk to find that the Fiserv Forum for its very first time. I passed the old Bradley Center, which is in early stages of being dismantled.

All of us had breakfast together at one of Vegas’ over-the-top buffets, and that I remember several different guests requesting me that Antetokounmpo was. I’d practiced pronouncing his name, which is a small mouthful, so that I was ready to pronounce it readily . Nobody had heard of him.

Odds are, they understand him now.

“I like Kobe Bryant, because he plays crime, but he plays defense, too. You are able to see the passion indoors. I want to be that kind of player.”

He has become that kind of player. I always figured that anything Antetokounmpo’s potential was, so he would accomplish it. He worked harder than anyone, was humble, but also so very competitive that after his team has been eliminated from the playoffs by Chicago one season, when Antetokounmpo walked past I was focused on him. He was breathing heavily and has been plainly seething to the stage at which he can scarcely restrain it. That, I thought, is that which a competitor looks like.

Antetokounmpo’s potential was, of course, immense, because you’d expect for someone using his combination of human type, athleticism and also wide range of skills. And that combination is unmatched in the modern NBA. In a nutshell, no one can guard Antetokounmpo and, on the opposite end, he can guard anyone.

“Every game to him is really a competition,” Rivers said. “He also competes. That is what I love about him.”

Everything has changed for Antetokounmpo because the previous time I’d seen him play in man. He could be stronger and more volatile. He is more out going. His skillset has gone nearly off the charts. Even his 3-point shooter is advancing, of course when he masters it nearly breaks the game. And the fans in Milwaukee have absolutely gone bonkers over him. The single time I’ve discovered buff responses such as Antetokounmpo’s throughout climaxes was Chicago, first for Michael Jordan and, later, when hometown hero Derrick Rose was best to get the Bulls.

The Bucks were playing the Clippers plus it was a so so game. The Clippers cut into the lead occasionally, however Milwaukee more or less cruised. After looking at run down the court to engage in defense, with no one around him, Antetokounmpo crumbled to a floor.

“I haven’t watched the tape yet,”Antetokounmpo said after the game, appearing as confused as anyone why he travelled . “I am about to go to the training room to make an effort to find out it .”

This has been the contest by which Rose only jumped from the knee late in a play off win over . The atmosphere at the United Center has been funereal. Neither he, nor the Bulls, nor even the city of Chicago in certain manners, have quite been the same as. Happily, in Antetokounmpo’s instance, it was not like that. He has been battling a shoulder and also this was only the latest episode of that. He did not return to the locker room as well as was going to test on back in to the game at the same point, though a Milwaukee 3pointer set the game out of reach and also the Freak returned the bench.

“He was ostensibly by himself moving back [the court down ],” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said, describing his reaction after Antetokounmpo went . “so that you sort of hope it isn’t anything too severe. However, yeah, [it’s chilling ] any time one of our guys goes , not just Giannis.”

The lesson for Milwaukee fans is an echo of that bartender I craved: Milk this time around for many it’s worth. Because while Antetokounmpo is young and under contract for two years, and Yelich is young and under contract for three more years (including a team option), most of this is often so fleeting. That’s why the city has never seen anything quite like this .

Within the LOCKER room after matches, Antetokounmpo has a consistent pattern that is not too popular with the press who covers him. He hangs out, gets treatment, showers, plays DJ along with his phone. On Thursday, he blasted some Greek hip-hop through the locker room, singing along side lyrics he could know. His teammates dressed and moved out in to the evening time. Nevertheless, the Greek Freak was there, carrying his time, his long legs stuck in a big bath of ice. He also gives the press his period, too, but only after everything else is done, and everyone else is gone. It isn’t really a fantastic pattern for people in deadline-driven occupations.

However, the one thing is, Antetokounmpo remains so damn fine, but it’s difficult to keep it against him. Afterall , he can answer the questions. He spoke horribly to a Russian reporter who’d traveled from a long way out for only the chance, even telling young Russian hoopsters to work hard and follow their own fantasies. He indulged a writer who had dropped in to the event, followed him back to the practice field and desired to inquire what he knew about Yelich.

To me personally, Yelich is the funniest guy from the commercial because the sight of him glancing into a mike and so forth,”I am gonna hit 50 home runs!” Is so utterly unlike him. (A-Lex Bregman, however…)

“Exactly how many organizations have four MVPs which remain able endure? And throw out a first pitch? And catch them? I believe that is pretty trendy .”

Yelich now seems more comfortable with all the care he has, that we guess bothered him first when he initially appeared as an MVP candidate. Still, he hasn’t off himself off, simply as Antetokounmpo hasn’t, and perhaps it is because they play Milwaukee they haven’t had to. Yelich could be the most clubhouse-accessible star player in the game at this time. Antetokounmpo, provided that you are prepared to wait him out, is much the same.

If Harden ultimately ends up outpointing Antetokounmpo in the NBA balloting, perhaps this Greek Freak/Yelich MVP combo won’t ever happen. Perhaps Milwaukee won’t bet claim to Green Bay’s moniker of Titletown, USA. This wouldn’t alter the simple fact this too-often-overlooked city on the beaches of Lake Michigan is currently home to a set of the most important legends in sports.

Perhaps, one day, they’ll also match.

“It is really exciting at this time,” Antetokounmpo said. “The Brewers are now starting and have the MVP. Milwaukee is excited about our newest stadium and brand new training staff. And we’re winning. It’s interesting and fun to be in Milwaukee at this time.”

When there is one telling commonality between the two matches in Milwaukee, on a late-March afternoon in the centre that the city’s salad days in a sports town, it was this: After Yelich homered, and everytime he strode to the plate, then the familiar chants of”MVP! MVP!” Broke out.

After that evening, when Antetokounmpo would step to the free throw , those same magic letters will detract from the Forum crowd:”MVP! MVP!”

Three little letters from sports which mean a lot. In a few months, perhaps those letters will probably employ to Yelich and Antetokounmpo, at exactly the exact identical period, in a city that is clearly in love with both of them.


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