The Brazilian veteran had lost one of his previous 2-2 bouts going into November’s rematch with Belingon, also believes that he must have had his hands raised at the end at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at Singapore.

”used to do what I could,” Fernandes told MMA Fighting. “I struggled , pushed the pace, strove to finish him a lot diverse ways. I did that which I had been well prepared to try and win this struggle, but it wasn’t exactly what the judges watched. I don’t even understand if that which he watched wasn’t enough, but I tried really tough to win this struggle. And when it was over, they gave (Belingon) the win.

”I analyzed the fight the next day, I had been sad the next day, then I said ‘brother, ” there ’s more to life than that. ’ I decided to focus, train hard and prepare my next step. ”

The very first time they struggled, Fernandes filed Belingon in China at 20-16. Two decades after, Belingon acquired a determination in Singapore. “The Flash” feels more comfortable fighting he sees a level playing field.

”I had been undefeated for a long time, but, I don’t even understand, I’d rather not think about the judges,” Fernandes stated. “They Conquer me last time. I was harmed, but I respect their decision. I respect it, but once I see the struggle I know I did more than Kevin to win. ”

Fernandes has re-watched the next fight “more than 20 times”. Everytime he watches the tape, the Brazilian consistently thinks he’s done enough to turn out victorious at the end, however, thinks judges were influenced by the audience that night.

”There will not be any anxiety if we analyzed that the struggle now, we’d react very different if we’d tens of thousands of people screaming in our ears,” Fernandes stated. “We’d have a very different reaction to this struggle.

”The struggle has been judged for 25 minutes, and also that which exactly did the judges watch? They watched moments of this struggle. I locked an armbar and (Belingon) escaped, and also tens of thousands of Filipinos went mad. What exactly did the judges watch? They view this moment, but perhaps maybe not me almost finishing himbut him . Used to do my part to win, but they were under some great pressure. ”

To avoid visiting the space and again ensuring the belt arrives back to Canada with himFernandes vows to prevent “The Silencer” at Japan.

”The ideal gameplan for this particular struggle is to struggle patience,” Fernandes stated. “I had been overly stressed. Without spoiling my plan, I’m prepared whereby the struggle moves. I’m ready, focused. I trained really hard, brother. ”

”I’ve lots of options to win the struggle, many avenues I can proceed,” he lasted. “However, the issue is if he’s ’s going there simply to defend himself and run from the struggle, making it increasingly difficult. When heor even rsquo;s O trying to survive and try to score points while in the long run. Ok, which has been his plan, but that I ’m here to fight. He also doesn’t even have this mindset. ”


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