Bottas, who took a leading win in Melbourne, has indicated that his mentality differs after a winless 2018 campaign, however, Hamilton has played down such suggestions.

“I really don’t think so, he’s motivated annually,” he said when asked he detected Bottas more moved than previously.

“I work with the guy and he’s the identical guy he was past year. So, no gap for me he has a beard.

I never thought he was a feeble person any way. I’ve seen him being a strong character.”

Hamilton insisted that his teammate’s improved form wouldn’t impact their or her own motivation.

“certainly not, it will not really change a single thing. Last year he was very strong, it was a excellent second year .

“He was very unfortunate in lots of races. It’s only a continuation. There’s simply been one race, it was a great race , and I enjoy seeing a lot more good races .”

Bottas said he chose a different approach within the summertime.

“For sure if you look at the outcome it is early in the summer, it is one race,” he said. “However, I can say something in my own mindset has changed for the season.

“Preparation across the winter and also the way of the way I believe and consider things has changed. It is quite difficult to spell out at length however I feel different to years “

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Asked why he’d what he has described as his very best race in he said:”It must be the beard! Honestlyit really felt following the race which it was one of the better, or my very best race.

“Obviously the beginning of race proved to be the key to get in the lead but then I did no mistakes and what was very much in order.

“If you are feeling your are performing in the best, it is a beautiful feeling. It was fine. You need to try and continue to keep the momentum and also believe again soon.


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