After a contentious qualifying session at Automobile Club Speedway using the new aero package, NASCAR reacted by introducing new regulations to counter some of the problems . Eventually, it just generated more.

Drivers were instructed to help keep the middle lane available to cars to depart pit road and without play, however Clint Bowyer found his way blocked by Ryan Newman Friday at TMS. There was no penalty levied against Newman, prompting the two Bowyer and his crew leader Mike Bugarewicz to disagreement the decision together with NASCAR officials following the round ended.


“Who the hell knows,” a frustrated Bowyer told fs-1. “They say anything they would like to convey. I am talking about that the lesson has been supposed to be heard at California if we made ourselves seem to be idiots available. Unfortunately, we’re standing again in precisely the identical situation. 

“I am pissed off… been doing this for decades and years and years. That is stupid. Do that seem like flushing the center for your requirements ? I damn-near had to back up to go. That is not clogging the middle, obviously. It says really demonstrably in attorneys terms just how you can not clog the midst and that I be damned, the first time it clogs the centre that they don’t predict it. Discretionary.”


He moved on:”Then the next time, you go on the market and attempt to earn a lap, so the guy wrecks therefore that it puts you into a situation such as we had in California — do not finish this lap or maybe not because that’s a rule, you aren’t supposed in order to complete a lap (as) the field frozen, (but) they moved ahead and make those guys own it. 

“Then you’re here venting and pissed off (for) no reason. It’s simply dumb. But anyway, I’m going to return and pout and be pissed off. I appreciate you allowing me to vent on national tv Jamie (Little) but it is the next time that we’ve done this and I’ve been bit by it and I am sick and tired of it.

“That is a neglect. An epic collapse “

Later, he told another media scrum,”there is people around paid plenty of money to create their loved ones here to watch a qualifying session. People decide to try to really go out and perform their best, however, your best just isn’t good enough when someone’s sitting before you personally. That is not qualifying.”

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