Millions of men and women dream about playing at the Premier League – however for the majority people a fantasy is all it will be.

But for 40 of the UK’s best players of football video game Fifa, that fantasy has just become reality.

“Since I was little I wanted to become a footballer,” said Owen’Venny’ Venn, that represents Southampton. “Not needing the ability has been a bit of an issue, but having the capability to get it done by playing video games is still an unreal feeling”

Venn and agents from the other 1-9 Premier League clubs have just finished competing at the ePremier League, the first E Sports tournament operated by England’s leading airport.

The finals event featured players who may well not need the skills to compete at that elite level in real pitches – however are among the very best when it comes to the digital pitch.

Owen 'Venny' Venn competing for Southampton

Who had been there?

With the contest only being offered to UK players, some of the biggest names have been struggling to compete. Nevertheless, the field was made up of many recognizable faces.

The highest-ranked x-box player within the Earth, Donovan’F2TekKz’ Hunt, represented Liverpool, while other stars Tassal’Tass’ Rushan, and Jamie’Jamboo’ Rigden represented Arsenal and West Ham respectively.

But the players weren’t the only big names at the construction. YouTuber and founder of Hashtag United Spencer Owen hosted the event, while singer songwriter and Fulham Ladies celebrity Chelcee Grimes wasn’t there to watch the actions.

The grand final featured certainly one of the most anticipated matches of each and each Premier League season: Manchester United v Liverpool.

Hunt, representing Liverpool, won the Xbox One competition by simply taking down Fulham’s Diogo’SCP Diogo’ Mendes 43.

At the final, Hunt won 4-1 at the first leg played PS4 – until hammering the win with a 2-1 victory on Xbox One to turn into the first ePremier League winner.

EPremier League finals day
Grand closing:Person Utd (KyleLeese_) 2-6 Liverpool (F2Tekkz)
Xbox closing:Fulham (SCP Diogo) 3 4 (AET) Liverpool (F2Tekkz)
PS-4 closing:Chelsea (Jas1875) 2-3 Person Utd (KyleLeese_)
Xbox Semi Finals:Arsenal (Tass) 1-2 Fulham (SCP Diogo)
Liverpool (F2Tekkz) 5-1 Person Utd (Jonesy17FIFA)
PS-4 Semi Finals:Crystal Palace (damie) 2-4 Chelsea (Jas1875)
Person Utd (KyleLeese_) 2-1 Southampton (Venny)

What next?

For those players entailed attention now turns to the other upcoming events, and trying to secure enough points to make up for that Fifa e world Cup 20-19, that may take place to the end of the year.

The e world Cup will be the largest event in the season and crowns the state world winner.

Nevertheless, the long run for premier-league events like this really is not as clear.

Wondering if the Premier League will come back to E Sports, its head of marketing and sales Will Brass said:”The honest answer is that I really don’t know.

“What we’re really focused on doing is creating the very best contest we could with this particular iteration of the Premier League, and also above all the best competition for those gamers and also the fans”


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