McFarland’s side were 13-11 up early in the second half if Stockdale lost control of the ball after his first break seemed sure to possess afforded an effort.

“I am pleased of Jacob. Jacob played a great match,” said that the Ulster coach.

“He’s frustrated but that’s not the reason we lost.”

Stockdale, that was voted Six Nations player of the tournament last year, has played with an extraordinary 14 attempts within his 19 internationals and one of his touchdowns helped Ireland defeat New Zealand in Dublin last November.

The Ireland wing made his signature searing pace to burst beyond several defenders throughout his 44th-minute run from the an quarter-final and McFarland said that there were few players that could have engineered this kind of opportunity.

“down stairs I was asked the question four times,’how about Jacob dropping the ball online?’ .

“My answer to that is there aren’t many players on earth, who can beat that lots of players to even get in a location where they set the ball “

“I’d say the key points in the first half once our collision work, our signature work, wasn’t sufficient. That is on me. I am the coach of that area.

“What is it? Probably three millimetres off his hands [if he loses control of the ball]. This is a little thing but there are so many other modest things which could have sent the match in different guidelines .”

Ulster’s Ireland captain Rory Best was pushed early in the first half by an ankle injury and was on crutches at fulltime together to wearing a protective boot.

“He’s got ice about it today. We are going to assess that within the next 4-8 hours and [then] inform you,” McFarland told the post-match news summit.

Most useful might become a physical health and fitness doubt for the rest matches in this season’s Pro14 with-it not clear whether he will remain from the Ulster jersey next season when he retires from Ireland international obligation following the worldcup.


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