There’s been much discussion over recent weeks about whether or not F1 requires a rethink about how much of a car teams should make themselves.

Smaller outfits such as and Alfa Romeo have benefited from forming customer alliances with — together with particularly going so much as it can in buying what available.

However, the accomplishment of this organization model has caused concern among more traditional outfits such as and that decide to produce up to the automobile since they can themselves.

The car parts that groups need to make themselves have been tagged in the Rulebook as’recorded parts’ – and It’s currently limited to the survival cell, front impact structure, the roster structures and Body Work together with the exclusion of airboxes, engine crawlers as well as any prescribed Body Work geometries

Ahead of f 1’s major revamp for 2021, several organizations have pushed for principle tweaks which compel teams to make more of the car themselves, although some squads are willing to retain the customer car route available.

The thing came up for debate in last week’s F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission meetings, since the sport moves towards a model that balances an escalation in standard parts with the requirement of teams to accomplish more of the car themselves.

One of the important battlegrounds was related to suspension, and there’d been calls for it to be added into the recorded elements principles — something which could induce a team including to get heavily in fresh design facilities.

Nonetheless, it is understood that the compromise is now likely with front, with the basic suspension set nevertheless ready to be bought, but the aerodynamic elements around it needing to be designed by each team.

However, 1 change that looks set to happen as early as next year is a strategy to add brake ducts into the recorded parts elements for 2020.

Even though brake ducts look like a comparatively small region of the vehicle, they’ve always been utilised by teams to get non invasive benefits — both for managing airflow and adding downforce.

The move to add brake ducts to recorded parts for 2020 will add workload and expense to a team such as which purchases its ones off .

Additionally, it shuts the door for other teams which might have pondered sharing the parts in the long duration.


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