The outfit had headed to the Formula 1 season opener clear favourite after a solid showing in pre-season testing.

Nevertheless, it was not able to excel in Melbourne since switched into the tables to get a surprise 1-2 finish.

While there was no immediate explanation concerning why had failed to deliver in , a few theories emerged for example its operation have been jeopardized by heating issues — which forced it to alter its own aero and yet not be able to maximise engine performance.

Even though will not explain specifically what went wrong from , it is clear that hints of a cooling system weakness are wide of the mark.

I believe that is our thing.

“I have seen plenty of speculation from the papers and internet also I think what I read was not fully correct.

“We usually do not need issues of heating — I will tell you .

“However, I think , as I said, at the end of it was a sum of many factors, by the power unit, to the set-up, to tyre management and I think it is merely the sum of everything that made the total we saw in .”

Binotto explained that at this phase of the effort it wasn’t unusual for organizations to sometimes struggle to obtain the maximum from a new car.

“This is actually the third trail where our car is still running in 2013” he said. I believe we are simply just learning the car.

“I think there’ve been lots of other occasions through the seasons. The operation of the vehicle needs always to be optimised and track by track that’s an exercise you’re usually doing, preparing yourselves pre-event from the simulator, etc..

“However, the process we are going through is needs to know [about] our car and certainly we didn’t replicate it in .”


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