F1 teams and the game’s chiefs declared a last minute change to the regulations to get 20-19 to award a spot to the fastest lap at each race, so providing that the motorist ended in the top ten.

While there was some initial scepticism regarding the benefits of the new principle, it functioned to enhance the final stages in Australia if several drivers pushed to the additional point, together with race winner Valtteri Bottas coming out on top.

Ferrari had a golden opportunity to gamble on pitting fifth-placed Leclerc for rubber at the final stages so he would go for it, because he had a harmless gap supporting him.

However, in the long run, it chosen to play it safe rather than risk a challenge that may have dropped him down the order.

However, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto believes in hind sight that it needs to have stopped Leclerc as a result of how crucial that the additional points will be come the final tournament standings.

“I am confident at the end of the season the points will make the gap,” said Binotto.

“We didn’t stop for new tyres with Charles, and we might did it Australia. Exactly why we didn’t? I presume at the 1st race it wasn’t our intention to take a lot of risks.

“If we do ? Maybe yes. Frankly, I presume lesson learned, it’d have been safe enough to stop him and attempt to do it. We’ll study on this and maybe next time we will stop it”

Leclerc’s situation was also extra secure because he was holding position supporting Sebastian Vettel, afterwards Ferrari imposed team orders.

Binotto has clarified that Ferrari’s policy at this stage of the season is in order to avoid risks of any possible trouble out of the drivers fighting one another.

“The way we’re tackling those scenarios are clear with all the drivers and clear until the race,” he said.

“I presume Sebastian was beforehand, 10 laps to gowe hold places and we didn’t take some risks. We only think that’s the perfect approach. Both drivers know about Which was not a difficult choice “

Asked if Leclerc has been allowed to beat Vettel, Binotto added:”Charles is allowed to proceed as fast as they can. He’s allowed to go for rod, he has allowed to remain ahead. We’re not stopping him doing that.

“I do believe that it is important that both drivers are not fighting and taking any risks fighting. However, no doubt, if on the first lap Charles is beforehand he will always be. If at the end of the race he is ahead he will always be ahead”


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