The Monegasque, 2-1, beat the four-time world winner by 0.294 seconds as Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas took fourth and third for .

Leclerc was fastest in all 3 components of qualifying, a potent statement of objective.

Hamilton has been 0.324secs supporting, pipping Bottas by just 0.66s.

Leclerc said:”I’m truly content. In the last race I was not happy with my spare and that I worked really difficult to accomplish better.

“Seb is a incredible driver and I’ve learned a lot from him and that I shall learn from him . But now is a good day for me”

Vettel, who’d just a single run in final qualifying, said:”In the conclusion, Charles did an excellent job now and he deserves to be on pole. I felt glad with my merely hurry and we are in a great location for your own race”

Leclerc produces on potential

Leclerc’s turn to Ferrari in 2013, like a replacement for , was highly anticipated since he has talent in abundance.

He qualified fifth for his very first race two weeks ago but ended it on Vettel’s tail and must be told to cool away by the team to guard their positions at the closing stages.

Ferrari team boss said on Friday that Leclerc was free to lead the race stay there, so their new driver has a excellent chance to take his first triumph on Sunday when they can convert rod right into a lead at the beginning.

It was seen whether Ferrari will carry through on their devotion to enable the drivers racebut with this particular specific performance Leclerc has supported his enormous potential.

He has looked quicker than Vettel for much of the weekend also has been beforehand during qualifying.

Vettel actually made an error in the second semester on his very first lap, forcing him to need to take another group of tyres for another lap to ensure he improved.

That left him with just a single run at the top-10 shoot out. By the time Vettel went out, Leclerc had taken provisional pole, and after the German completed his lone lap, then Leclerc rubbed salt in his wounds by going faster.

Leclerc said:”A lot of emotions but I will be trying to stay as trendy as possible because there are no points for pole position. It’s been a great weekend for us now we’ve to focus on the race and get the best race possible”

Sebastian Vettel 2008
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