It was made to give the drivers a formal chance to share their thoughts about driving standards and how penalties needs to be properly used.

The’let’s race’ philosophy is meant to cut back in penalties for driving offences, with greater leeway given for first-lap incidents.

Friday’therefore meeting was attended with the four Bahrain stewards and many others who can be found although maybe perhaps not on duty this weekend, even for example as for example Gerd Ennser, one of those permanent chairmen.

All the drivers were given a opportunity to spend the microphone and air their viewpoints.

Garry Connelly, ” the chairman of the stewards at Bahrainsaid it had been a positive meeting.

“Everything we wanted to test and do was to work at a consensus about which ‘let’s race’ way,” he also told “We went around the space and every driver expressed an opinion.

“One issue which has been discussed was moving beneath spares. They all believe that that can be potentially dangerous. ”

The conversation will not lead to any immediate changes, but the will study the outcomes and communicate any signs to the drivers at another meeting.

“We told us weren’t going to change anything immediately, we were there to get enter ,” Connelly continuing. “There are probably four or three main points we’ll take out of it.

“I figure you’re able to sum it up by saying they are interested in being allowed to race, but they would like to buy to be safe and fair. ”


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