GROUP C REVIEW: 1-5 targets from Magnus Bramming played a large part as T-th Holstebro kept their Quarterfinal dreams alive with a 12-goal triumph against Liberbank Cuenca

Holstebro keep their hopes alive

T-th Holstebro understood before Saturday’s match that to advance in the EHF Cup they had to overcome Liberbank Cuenca and Depend on Fraikin BM. Granollers beating fellow Danish side GOG in Group D. For their part, Holstebro delivered a wide-margin triumph by 12 goals. A 7:0 run at the ending of their first half laid the platform to the comfortable win.

  • Holstebro keep their hopes alive with a 12-goal triumph; their biggest triumph in the group phase
  • Together with 15 goals, Magnus Bramming expanded his guide as top scorer at the EHF Cup
  • Cuenca were flat with Holstebro at 12:12 after 2-3 minutes but faded afterwards
  • Holstebro will only be eligible for a the quarter final if GOG lose off to Fraikin BM.

    T-th Holstebro (DEN) Compared to Liberbank Cuenca (ESP) 34:22 (19:12)

    With a big win in the GråK J æfrazee Arena against Liberbank Cuenca, Holstebro did what they could to keep their EHF Cup quarterfinal hopes alive. Now all they can do is anticipate that the results in the Group D match between Granollers and GOG on Sunday day. Even a GOG conquer will ship Holstebro to the quarter final, while GOG will reserve the ticket when they are able to prevent a beat in Spain.

    At the early stages, Holstebro had a couple two-goal leads and also a single three-goal guide, once they headed 6:3 after 1-2 minutes, however Cuenca kept coming back.

    As Cuenca failed to score for the last seven minutes of the first half, Holstebro went from 12:12 to a 19:12 half time lead thanks to a flurry of succesful fast breaks. This was this conduct which clearly decided the outcome of the match in Holstebro’s favour.

    Through a successful 5-1 defence, a fine performance from Simon Gade in goal and efficient fast breaks, your house team kept increasing their lead in the 2nd half until they were 12 goals beforehand.

    Without fewer than 15 goals, left wing Magnus Bramming made a significant contribution to keeping his team’s quarter final dreams alive.


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