GROUP C REVIEW: 1-5 aims from Magnus Bramming played a big part as T-th Holstebro maintained their quarter-final fantasies alive using a 12-goal triumph against Liberbank Cuenca

Holstebro retain their hopes alive

T-th Holstebro knew before Saturday’s game that to advance in the EHF Cup they had to overcome Liberbank Cuenca and Count on Fraikin B M. Granollers defeating fellow Danish side GOG in Group D. For his part, Holstebro delivered a wide-margin triumph by 12 goals. A 7:0 run by the finish of this first half laid the platform for the win that was comfortable.

  • Together with 15 goals, Magnus Bramming expanded his guide as top scorer from the EHF Cup
  • Holstebro retain their hopes alive with a 12-goal triumph; his biggest triumph in the group phase
  • Cuenca were flat using Holstebro in 12:12 after 2-3 minutes but vanished afterwards
  • Holstebro will just qualify for the quarter final GOG lose away to Fraikin B M.

    T-th Holstebro (DEN) vs Liberbank Cuenca (ESP) 34:22 (19:12)

    With a huge win in the Gr&A Ring;K-J æep Arena against Liberbank Cuenca, Holstebro did everything they are able to maintain their EHF Cup Quarter-final anticipates alive. Now they all can do after is await the result from the Group D game between both Granollers and GOG on Sunday evening. Even a GOG conquer will ship Holstebro into the quarter final, while GOG will book the ticket if they can prevent a defeat in Spain.

    At early phases, Holstebro had several two-goal leads and one three-goal guide, if they led 6:3 after 1-2 minutes, but Cuenca kept coming back.

    Since Cuenca failed to dent for the previous seven minutes of their first halfof Holstebro travelled from 12:12 to a 19:12 half time courtesy of a flurry of successful fast fractures.

    Throughout a fruitful 5-1 defence, a nice performance from Simon Gade in goal and efficient fast breaks, the home team maintained increasing their lead in the 2nd half until these were 1-2 goals beforehand.

    With no fewer than 15 goals, left wing Magnus Bramming made a vital contribution to keeping his team’s quarter final fantasies alive.


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