Nobody could question England captain Owen Farrell’s commitment to his team Saracens.

Picture the scene: it’s 2.30pm. His wife Georgie was in labour since the night ahead. They think the arrival of the first child is a mere half off away.

What exactly does the fly half do?

According to Sarries head coach Mark McCallhe called to say he would still be capable of making their Champions Cup quarter-final against Glasgow – that kicked off just 4-5 minutes after.

“He phoned me in 2.30 and said’in the upcoming half hour’…,” said McCall. “I said’Owen, the match starts at 3.15! I do not actually know if he has had the baby yet.

“We had a rough chalk stage. His wife went into labour last night. In 8.30am he was pretty certain it could all happen, however it did not.

“But the biggest thing was that he was where he should have been – with his wife”

The 27-year-old need not have worried about his club’s behalf as Saracens ago Alex Goode demonstrated a worthy replacement, so helping them defeat Glasgow 56-27 and reach with their seventh Champions Cup semifinal.

McCall expects Farrell – who’s not played Saracens since until the Six Nations – is back in time for this match against Munster on 20 April.

“We’ve got a huge game coming up and he does want to play just a little bit [before then],” he added.

Contemplating how excited he had been on the pitch today, Farrell will surely be back in good time.


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