After three seasons in Washington, the hopes are still rise for cornerback Josh Norman, with six interceptions, seven forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. 

PHOENIX — The arrangement suggests he must be the top cornerback in the , however, Josh Norman‘s play have not supported that status. But, Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden says that really doesn’t indicate the seven-year veteran corner should be ditched.

For the last couple of years, he previously had the highest number.

“Obviously he’s performed because the best cornerback at the would be farfetched,” Gruden said. “But I will say this: I’m happy we got him. I do believe not needing Josh Norman, we are not quite as competitive as we have been with Josh Norman. Dancing using Josh Norman with this roster is going to help us get where you want to proceed.”

Norman, 3 1, represents the sometimes internal coict of a team: With such a high cap figure, there’s little doubt some might like to part ways. There exists a feeling that if Norman is good, the space could be better occupied.

But with a training staff in a situation where it must win today after successive 79 seasons, they do not care about the cap hit — they also want the gamer.

If the Redskins ever did spend Norman, they’d need a starting cornerback. They signed up Dominique Rodgers Cromartie this very month, but he has no guaranteed money and so is a insurance policy. They do have several younger corners such as Adonis Alexander who, even when they developed himcould challenge for a starting job. But there is absolutely no way to know at this point whether they will.

So Norman stays.

Norman clearly was irritated occasionally throughout last season, whether the chemistry at the by how he was being used. The Redskins changed secondary coaches, allowing Torrian grey to replacing and leave him with Ray Horton. The Redskins wanted somebody with more experience to help coordinator Greg Manusky using the pass defense. Manusky’s potency is front seven.

Gruden said Norman will”fit in fine” with Horton and any defensive changes, whether in procedure or how he’s deployed. Sometimes he travels with the best receiver; other times he really doesn’t.

Gruden said Norman’s physiological style and competitiveness always help.

“You see him step up if he gets matched using Odell [Beckham Jr.] plus he gets to run round the area. Ray Horton… [will] push him and challenge him each single day and it’ll be fun to watch these guys go at it. He is a handsome man that’s a sure tackler. Physical. Ties in that mold which we’re trying to get. I still think he is gont assist us at a major manner.”

Norman said this year”I Have been Hollywood” since coming out of the womb. And flying straight back . He is committed to off-field causes at the off season — whether it’s helping at the U.S./Mexican border last year or helping with all the water issues in Flint, Michigan this year. Norman said at season’s ending, he would retire when he won a Super Bowl.

But Gruden said Norman remains firmly devoted to football.

“Josh will correct his game the very best manner he can to help this football team. “People think he is only available’Dancing With The Stars’ and all of that stuff, but he is one of the hardest workers. He is on the field extra working. He is gonna can be found in in great form .”

But Gruden also knows with big money comes big expectations. Norman’s sway in Washington has been oft-debated and whether he’s lived up to his contract. In three seasons , Norman contains six interceptions, seven forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

“From interceptions and all that maybe you’re able to say no, however I presume there has probably been a level of play that you’ll expect more to see in the Josh,” Gruden said. “However, given the chances he’s had, ” I presume he’s done a pretty great job.

“It is hard to see super-star play sometimes from corners because crimes may throw away from these. Patrick Peterson, you’ll see him several matches and only have one tackle and no pass break ups and you’ll say’well Patrick didn’t even play.’ They didn’t even throw his manner. … We only hope when people plays themselves [Norman] is likely to make those plays in the future. So it’s quite tough to estimate Josh’s play because he doesn’t obtain a lot of chances.”

The Redskins may use stronger play from the secondary. It would help to get a healthful Quinton Dunbar at the flip side; it might help to own more consistent protection play together with the coming of Landon Collins; it might help to get a fierce pass rush. But Norman even offers to complete his role.

“People appear to get disappointed in his play,” Gruden said. “I’m not disappointed whatsoever. Josh is a good football player and does a few wonderful things for people.

“Now we’re looking for over Josh and he is gonna provide us more because we’re gonna require more. We’re looking for star standing at corner from Josh.”


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