Michelle Waterson might recognize a thing or two about selling a fight, however, her daughter has her defeat at the cookie game.

A fixture on her mum ’s social media, eight-year-old Araya lately went viral once she made a sales pitch to none Besides UFC president Dana White, imploring him to help her achieve her goal of selling 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies:

From the clip (that includes almost 100,000 viewpoints ), Araya admits herself “boss of girl scouts” and inquires White “by one boss to the next ” to help her out. She told White that her door is always available if he needs assistance working with his fighters or his small enterprise.

As stated by Waterson, it didn’t take long to violate it.

“Oh geez, she broke her goal,” Waterson told MMA Fighting. “This is her first year as a girl scout and she also brought the paperwork home and she watched the prizes and she said she wanted to sell 2,000 boxes of biscuits. I’m gonna shoot down her dreams, so I was like, ‘Alright, baby girl, that’s a significant goal, but go for it if ’s your own goal. ’

“So she wound up selling Dana White a thousand. And when he shared it upon his social media, she got probably yet another close to a thousand cookie earnings, and then Tony Robbins gave us a call and opted to buy another thousand. She sold across 3,000 boxes of biscuits. ”

Naturally, mom deserves higher than a small credit for the assist. Not only for putting Araya’s pitch onto her Insta-gram accounts, however because of her husband Joshua doing what they can to instill proper values in their union. Waterson is in fact focusing on writing kiddies ’s novels revolving around the topics of integrity and good intentions she expects to have the ability to publish from the long run when her fight schedule clears up.

For the time being, Waterson is only glad there’s just one kid who she knows listens to her.

“I think so, I think she believes that I’m so cool,” Waterson said, when asked when a kid is still impressed with her fighting for a full time income. “Nevertheless she’s grownup in the gym, so people who are bigger than life like Holly Holm and Jon Jones and Dana White, these are people she sees on an everyday basis. I imagine what the world is like during her little eyes.

“I actually do think she believes I’m cool and she probably believes I’MA nerd sometimes too because I’m only mother and then we’ve got a wonderful relationship and I hope it just climbs as she gets old. ”

Waterson is again back in action this Saturday in UFC on ESPN 2 in Philadelphia, where she struggles Karolina Kowalkiewicz in a main card strawweight bout.


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