Grosjean picked up a three-place grid punishment, dropping him from eighth to 11th, for impeding Norris throughout the opening part of qualifying at the Sakhir circuit.

The driver has been overtaken by Vettel coming the last corner, which made Grosjean slow down so much to prevent compromising the stunt that he had been about to start with that he got from the manner of Norris, who had been completing his first flying lap of this semester.

Norris said there was no question he had been held by Grosjean, however, did not believe that the Frenchman might have done much more from the conditions.

“It’d have been very hard for him personally he didn’t even know to unexpectedly alter his whole approach and handing up his whole lap.

“By what he said he didn’t even know I had been behind until I had been pretty much about to crash .

“Vettel screwed him over, which isn’t really a very wonderful thing to do with terms of individuals being racers, we attempt to respect each other.

“If you’t got an automobile before you don’t only overtake them to the last corner, like Magnussen and Fernando annually at , since you kind of screw both your hands that are qualifying.

“I presume he did exactly everything he could when he knew. However he’d impede me.

“Should I didn’t even have to perform another quali lap for some reason, that’therefore the reason I wouldn’t’ve been in Q 2. ”

Norris was equipped to succeed in qualifying and forced it to the top-10 shootout, and he’ll start ninth after Grosjean’s punishment.

Grosjean said he apologised to Norris but had been miserable with Vettel’s activities, and perhaps not being told by his own team on the radio which Norris was coming in full speed.

“It is only carnage.

“It is probably something we will need to look at in the future because this has been raised in the past.

“I think it’s Vettel that made a mess , ” he did not really admire the unwritten rule that you never overtake prior to the previous nook.

“He also passed the lineup, came infront of me, so that gave me the following three or four moments to attend.

“We had not accounted for the fact that Vettel would do so, so we thought we were free from Norris.

“That’s probably why they did not tell me Norris was about a flying lap.

“We are normally great with traffic I presume, but today obviously we have it wrong. ”

Additional reporting by Jonathan Noble and Ben Anderson

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