Russell and his teammate qualifed on the back row of the grid for Its season-opening n Grand Prix, Higher than a second slower than the 18th-placed of Both .

They ended last of people who caused it to the flag, together with Russell lapped double and Kubica 3 x, also Russell said in front of this weekend’s that he had called up on the team to make the most of being”under the radar”.

“I have learned I can go around and try things and it is not going to make a enormous difference,” said the 2018 Formula 2 champion.

“I can push the car in various ways. If I endanger a set of tyres because I’ve made a major mistake, obviously it isn’t ideal, but it isn’t likely to create a serious difference to the general outcome.

“It’s the same with all the engineers. I’ve told them quite certainly, let’s try things. We have this possibility to do that.

“We can streamline every thing now for when we have the right car. [Then] we have to be more on top of it than others.

“you will be very on your bubblenot take to things as you really feel as if you must increase it — but also for all you realize that there are more potential there.”

Russell explained this could range from the team wanting different things together with tyre prep to him shifting his driving personality.

“it will take away the strain,” he also added. “We have the opportunity to use things and we have no penalty for it.”

Russell has graduated to F1 after back to back names in GP3 and F2, and declared the scope of set-up work over an F1 weekend has become a surprise.

He described his f 2 experience as”arrive and drive” while there’s just practice session before qualifying and the two races.

“That has been great from the driving perspective as you had to accommodate your driving,” he said.

“You might have understeer or even a lot of oversteer however you don’t possess three practice sessions to fine tune the car.

“Here, you have got this moment, you have got those opportunities.

“There is so much to obtain off-track with this development, there’s much more pressure on the drivers’ shoulders.”

Russell explained the additional technical challenge of F1 was something he had been”construction” himself up for.

He added:”I am enjoying having the eyes on me in the team to state’Can we proceed this way or do we proceed that way with the development, which are the main things we need to focus on?’ .

“I never realised just how much iuence that a driver comes with the direction that a team chooses.”


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