Grosjean had not been alerted over team radio about the fast-approaching Norris, who was on a flying lap, and just saw the McLaren driver in his mirrors at the final second.

The manner in which the system works is the punishment points are added if a driver commits an offence.

The extra point implies that Grosjean now has eight points on his license, also requires to stay below 12 points until after the Spanish GP if he is to avoid a 1 race ban

While Steiner reported that the three-place grid drop turned into a matter of debate, he maintained that it was totally incorrect that Grosjean gets a driver penalty point in addition to his own sanction.

“There was no radio call. Why should he get some point? That is simply like having it outside at some body.

“It is completely unsuitable. It’s completely a wrong choice. The three grid places we can share, but to provide him a [penalty] points. . .guys? Where are you currently alive?”

Steiner reported that there was little point in him trying to assert the matter with the stewards, also he said the decision was especially disappointing after the FIA met with drivers about Friday night to talk about the approach to penalties.

“You decide to make an effort to chat using them [that the stewards], but if you never obtain it you never get it,” he aid. “If you never desire to get it you wont obtain it. I do not know.

“that they had a meeting with the drivers yesterday where they had a fantastic conversation to them, but I don’t know exactly what they spoke about as it looks as though they wasted lots of day light.


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