Three-goal win in Match of the Week gives Nantes Quarter Final ticket

With two goals to create up, Nantes hadn’t any choice but to play 100 percent tonight against Rhein-Neckar Löwen. Regardless of sounding the game in a terrible manner and being headed by four, they both kept trendy and came back.

The 2nd half was a thriller, both teams trading goals and the German side still virtually qualified five minutes before the ending. However, Romain la-garde was exemplary and also his eight goals were so critical for his team qualify.

  • Nantes won with a single goal to aggregate
  • This was Nantes’ first-ever victory over Rhein-Neckar Löwen
  • Nantes’ Romain Lagarde was introduced together using the Player of the Match award by VELUX spouse PACHET

Despite being two goals behind at the throw-off, Nantes started the game in the most peculiar way. Some missed shots and issues in defence gave the visitors an ideal path to select the lead.

After two seconds, the German side was four goals. However, Nantes’ defence began to discover solutions to avoid Jannick Kohlbacher and Andy Schmid out of scoring.

At the other end of the court, Romain la-garde and Valero Rivera were firing on all cylinders. Because of his cross country shots la-garde helped his team find their rhythm ahead of the Spanish winger converted penalties to produce the score even at half-time, 14:14.

The 2nd half was a impressive thriller, with Nantes being around four goals ahead at one point. However, at the previous quarter of this match, Löwen coach Nikolaj Jakobssen decided to play seven players, plus it functioned.

While Nantes were struggling on attack, the German club were still finding defensive solutions. Along with five minutes before the close of the game, Rhein-Neckar had arrived straight back over one goal, putting them within reach of eligibility.

However, la-garde, back, was critical for his team. His final goal, his eighth of this day, ensured the three-goal triumph to the side and the ticket into the quarter finals.


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