At the representative Bahrain International Circuit, Ferrari came back into the top of the timing screens as they locked out the front row of the gridwith Charles Leclerc taking his maiden pole position.

Bearing that in mind, Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto has stated that Leclerc is”enabled to keep ahead”, despite the pre-season proposals that the team would prefer Sebastian Vettel on the course of the year.

Therefore the intriguing aspects of the race in front end part of the grid arecan Ferrari stay ahead and, if so, will Ferrari engineer a switch of drivers in case the 2 will be running tightly together? 

Could Haas take the fight into Red Bull?

Haas’ Kevin Magnussen delivered among their better laps of the qualifying hour by putting the sixth-fastest timing of the session.

With Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly already eradicated in Q2, the Milton Keynes team had a below-par third party session, and just narrowly secured fifth place with the lead Red Bull of both Max Verstappen. The difference between Verstappen and Magnussen was just five thousandths of a moment.

Verstappen said after qualifying that the team was fighting to balance on the softest tyres and included he was optimistic of their long run pace, however how hard does Haas push them?

Double points chance for McLaren?

The previous time McLaren achieved a double points finish was in last year’s Azerbaijan grandprix. Could they convert their own chance?

Bahrain place for overtake-fest?

There are 3 DRS zones for the this weekend’s racewith the place just ever with two inside it’s previous events. 

With overtaking opportunities anticipated to be much higher in comparison to the opening race at Melbourne, the Bahrain International Circuit will be a better investigation of the 2019-spec bodywork. 

In pre-season testing, drivers asserted that racing without DRS could be”just like a parachute” and they would be”sitting ducks” against cars by DRS. Might the impact on jelqing go too far the other way?

Which drivers or battles will you be looking for in the season opener? Leave your ideas in the comments department.

Sparks fly from the rear of Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team VF-19

Sparks fly from the back of Kevin Magnussen,” Haas F 1 Team VF-19


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