Leclerc recovered by a poor first lap to dominate the racebefore an MGU H collapse chased his engine of force and left him limping to the finish.

Hamilton’s closed rapidly on the ailing and maintained the lead away from home to the final corner with only 10 laps to go.

Leclerc continued to lose substantial pace as the closing stages of the race played out, eventually completing a bitterly disappointing third however claiming that a bonus point for fastest lap.

Leclerc had recovered beautifully by a bad start to dominate all the race, falling to third on lap but immediately repassing and teammate Vettel to reclaim the guide along with streaking clear before tragedy struck.

Vettel compounded ’s distress by spinning out of third place after being chased by Hamilton around the outside Turn 4 only after the final round of pitstops.

Bottas caused it to be a one two by readily passing Leclerc around the key directly with only four laps left, moments ahead of the s hit tragedy.

The n Grand Prix winner climbed to second with a sturdy first lap, including passing Leclerc around the outside Turn 4, but generally struggled for speed and was not a match for Hamilton or either of the s.

Hamilton climbed to second by pitting sooner in the day than Vettel at the first round of stops, but fought to stay on the track, lacked pace and mightn’t use his sexier Cells to stop Vettel closing at and using DRS to re take the place around the outside Turn 4 on lap 2 3 of 5-7.

But Hamilton came back in Vettel at the second round of pitstops, attempting a gung ho proceed Vettel at Turn 4 on lap 37, while Vettel’s tyres were cold but couldn’t quite gain enough momentum to complete the pass Turn 6.

Hamilton gained DRS on the main right but couldn’t over take into Turn 1. He went round the outside Turn 4 to make the pass while Vettel rotated since he tried to return on the power at the departure, dropping him down the order.

Lando Norris rounded out the top six to , after teammate ’s race was ruined by contact with Verstappen while wanting to pass the RedBull around the outside Turn 4 ancient on.


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