Leclerc looked set to take a brilliant triumph in that the Bahrain Grand Prix but his hopes disappeared only over 10 laps in the home when he lost power and was reeled in and passed by Lewis Hamilton.

Even though radio messages which were played on television indicated he’d lost his MGUH retrieval system, team principal has clarified that the matter was solely about the internal combustion engine.

Binotto said that investigations were still going on today to make an effort to get the reason for the issue, with further tests to take place at the Maranello and in clinic to the .

“The engine goes straight back into Maranello for careful tests because if something like this happens you need to simply take time for you and energy to do your tests carefully. However, the engine was running at the ending of the race so that it is still in a position to perform.

“We’ll use it really about the Friday in China and we’ve got an entire Friday to assess its own behaviour, its functionality and its performance. ”

Asked about claims that the problem was related to the MGUH, Binotto said: “I don’t even know where the rumours came out of. There is nothing wrong with the MGUH.

“If something like that occurs you try to proceed to the retrieval regarding any gas controller mapping that you might do, atleast you try to modify mappings.

“You try to find out whether there is a method to make it simpler. That wasn’t the case now therefore we had to deal with the race.

“It has turned into a brave decision to keep on rushing in those conditions. But at the conclusion it was a third place which was essential therefore finally probably the right decision. ”

Binotto is certain the Bahrain problem is an isolated episode and curing it should be simple.

“it’s really a single problem that’ll be easily addressed,” he said. “It is not about just how we’re utilizing the engine or even the whatever or mapping.

“It has become a single component failure which we’ll see out. ”

Apart from the Bahrain GP:


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