The governing body found the tender on February 18th, using an initial deadline of March 15th.

That has been subsequently stretched by four extra days to March 19th — in effect the period of the Melbourne race weekend — to give potential lien additional time.

The only bidder to get openly announced its hands is gear box pro x trac .

It’s believed that another bidders include the partner businesses of one current F1 team, and that one of them might have left a bid in co operation with another party.

The legitimate candidates are Williams and McLaren, both of whom have separate technology branches with manufacturing capability and have connection with fulfilling FIA tenders either in f 1 or even Formula E.

Inspired by in case their sister tech businesses had left bids both Williams and McLaren dropped to comment.

The FIA has also made it crystal clear it will announce successful and proceed with the policy for common tape only when it could be clearly demonstrated that clubs will probably spend less over the four-year period of the contract.

The consequence of the tender procedure is scheduled to be announced between April 15th and 30th.


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