Grosjean did not score at the first eight races 2018, with a botched pitstop at Australia and lost bodywork at Bahrain kicking the series.

“At when a bit copy-paste from last yr,” Grosjean admitted after the Bahrain Grand Prix.

“However we’re strong and we always came back, therefore next race will function better. ”

Starting from 11th after he was trying to find impeding Lando Norris at the first segment of qualifying, Grosjean took a bang from the right-front tyre of Lance Stroll’s Racing Point in Turn 2 on the opening lap.

He was forced to pit was shuffled down the sequence, before ultimately being forced to retire from the race after 16 laps.

“I presume somebody simply came along with fucking hit me out of and that was it,” Grosjean stated.

“Automobile has been damaged anyway, it turned into a rear puncturethat you lose so much time re-joining the pits, and the car was damaged, so that was it. ”

The Frenchman was miserable to get out that the stewards chose to have no additional action regarding the opening-lap incident.

He said: ldquo;I’ll not tell you exactly what I presume because it’s not going to really go well. ”

But, Grosjean made it clear he believed the crash was a direct result of his three-place grid penalty, which both he and his team manager Gunther Steiner had taken issue together on Saturday.

“That is always the chance when you start not where you want to start, and I presume we should’ve started eighth today.

“We were sorry [about obstructing Norris] and yes, we did not do correctly yesterday, however, in the long run it did not change Lando’s qualifying, did not change ours.

“And demonstrably starting 11th today destroyed our race. ”

Additional coverage by Edd Straw


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