The Grove ensemble supported on Friday that cofounder and former technical director Head is providing support to the technology team because it regroups following departure of Paddy Lowe.

The 72-year-old was last involved on a regular basis in 2011, when he was technology director.

“I suppose it’ll be great,” explained Russell. “He is only to arrive because of support character, it has nothing full time, however with his presence he’s a very strong character with a lot of personality and perhaps what we want a moment.

“With all his experience and history he’s got at Williams, only having him around will lift everyone.

“Patrick is really a wonderful engineer and all his success speaks for it self. He isn’t looking for such a thing full time, he’s been there and done that.

“He is section of Williams and will help where required. Like I said, will soon probably be amazing to have him around.”

Robert Kubica consented that Head’s involvement will soon be considered a positive for your team.

“Patrick has a lot of expertise and everyone else at Williams respects him a lot,” said the Pole.

“He’s done an great role before with this team so it’s good he will have the ability to help usI’m not convinced in what way precisely”


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