Kubica qualified less than a tenth behind Russell at Bahrain, after being more than 1.7s off in Australia.

Kubica said after Friday clinic he felt he was driving a”different car” into his team mate at Bahrain, despite the fact that they have been intended to be identical, and suggested that there is less than a tenth between them in Q1 was ineffective.

“there have been a few problems in qualifying which we’ve to undergo” Kubica stated.

“However, the primary replies we’re receiving from this week is that two cars with the exact same set up are operating completely differently.

“I left Australia bemused and disoriented myself with the set up, as it was evident that the 2 cars were different to drive.

“Coming herewe started with the same configuration for the two cars and the traits were different.

“Nothing has ever changed. They do not mean anything with the faculties the same.

“Maybe George did not even get alot out of the vehicle. Honestly, I do not think we are at the place to look into laptimes when we are having bigger issues which are affecting the feeling and the operation.

“a lot of men and women are centered on myself and that I think in the present condition, the littlest problem is that I have been out from F1 for eight yearsago

“There are a lot of things that aren’t putting me George at a comfortable circumstance. It puts everybody within the team at a difficult circumstance.

“There’s most likely already an agenda for analyzing [in a few days ], but the priority would be always to understand why two cars are so different.

“It’s fundamental to own two cars running exactly the same way.”

Russell affirmed he’d not extract the most from their car in qualifying in Bahrain, suggesting he should have already been”at least half an instant, seven tenths quicker” had he merely replicated his imperfect FP2 lap rather than being compromised by traffic that left his out-lap overly slow to change the tyres on.

Kubica and Russell will likely share per day of conducting during the following week’s Bahrain test, but do not know whether this will assist Williams solve Kubica’s problem.

“Session to semester, day today, it’s very tricky to correlate — especially with the wind we’re visiting this, it’s quite gusty,” Russell added.

“If the figure gap is x, in case you gave me x ray more or less I’d have the exact same feeling.

“Just as it’s so different doesn’t mean that his is wrong and mine’s right, but it’s merely there’s a gap there — for a related set-up a different aero balance.

“If you viewed the data you’d think we were conducting different wing degrees, however we aren’t.

“It is not drastic, it’s just different, and it shouldn’t be different. That’s something we must look into. They should be the same.”


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