Honda riders Lorenzo, still coping with rib and wrist injuries, said on Thursday he will soon be “extra” careful never to crash again in Termas de Rio Hondo.

He qualified 12th for the racebut as rain can be a strong possibility for Sunday, Lorenzo worried he has a bad sense, he’ll be content only to get through the day without an collision.

“If it is wet, will depend a lot on the atmosphere,” Lorenzo conceded. “If the atmosphere is good, knowing that I’m injured, I’ll attempt to do my very best.

“If the atmosphere isn’t good and I need to take a lot of risks to remain competitive, maybe it’s better to conserve just a little bit daily and maybe never to wreck to become injured again because.

“I think my true opportunity will arrive at the upcoming tracks, maybe not this time.

“If it is dry, attempt to ride just a little bit better, a lot of this bike, improve just a bit the setting or the positioning on the bicycle at the warm-up, and only attempt to make closer than this one moment I get from Marc [Marquez].”

Lorenzo set the 11th-fastest period in qualifying, but needed his own very best lap deleted for running wide at Turn 14, which he admitted to being a”fair” penalty.

“I went a little bit wide and I get the green zone so they simply take the first fast lap that was the speediest, this left me go one back, but does not change so much,” he said.

“I will be a little bit more directly on the beginning, little bit behind, however does not change five or even five rankings, it isn’t just a huge play. Was fair to lose this lap”

Lorenzo set the lap that was deleted while running right behind teammate Marquez.

Comparing himself to his teammate,” Lorenzo said that in some places he had been more faster than Marc, however on the others”he loses a lot “.

He remembered:”I simply was half a second slower than Marc. In the others I had been the exact same as him in certain others I lose a lot .

“I need to understand those are as what is happening, it is gonnabe difficult to improve it on the warm-up and the race but for next paths and also the future will undoubtedly be good details.”

Additional reporting by Federico Faturos


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