In case Maycee Barber’s ancient MMA career is regarded as a series of exams, she put an X beside another on the record after her most recent fight.

Within her toughest fight to date, Barber, the loquacious, blue chip potential, ended j j Aldrich by TKO in the second round last Saturday night at UFC Nashville. Barber was dropped in the initial round and faced the most adversity she ever has in her still-young livelihood. But she returned and ceased an extremely game competitor, who also happens to own a bright future ahead of her.

Barber is just twenty yrs of age and also her fantasy of becoming the youngest champion in history remains very much alive. She even has a count down to the afternoon if shersquo;ll turn exactly the identical era Jon Jones was when he set that record in 2011. But Barber also said that she won’t be so exceptionally hasty. She still has almost three years before that date comes around, afterall.

Only at that time , Barber said that she expects to be at the mix to get a title shot, in the flyweight or even straight branch. The Colorado indigenous beat Aldrich in her debut at 125 pounds, however, expects to likee provide a future at 11-5.

“12 months from now, I will be nearly 22 and I will definitely take this area to get a title fight,”” Barber said. “Sometime within that year, to get sure. Maybe sooner, maybe not. I’d love to keep to maintain this particular success. ”

Barber (7-0) believes she’s got a leg upon her young fighter peers in terms of focus. She’s not planning to go out and buy lavish things for himself with the prize money she’s left thusfar in the . Nor doesn’t expect that to change as the fight purses get bigger and bigger. Barber’s plan is to spend this cash back into her MMA livelihood.

“I don’t understand if that’s exactly what every athlete can, however, that I understand that’s exactly what a few young people do, especially guys. They sort of get caught up in that. Like, I need to do this, thisand this for the popularity or because of this. Frankly, I understand the popularity is gonna come and the success is gon na na originate from there. The principal thing is accepting that which I earn and taking all the success and returning , putting it back in your bank, like I need to go along with increase this, I need to change this at training camp. I need to generate my camp a bit smoother. As good as my camp had been, it could be way better than it had been.

Barber, who has just two fights to start out her livelihood in a span of four weeks, said that means she also wants to stay busy, not unlike Israel Adesanya’s incredible increase in the middle weight division with five struggles at 12 weeks and also a sixth to arrive April.

“I believe as the more busy you are, the faster the success is still gonna come,”” Barber said. “And it also can help you mentally to keep there. Once you’re consistent at the gym, it’s hard to fall away track. Once you’re all the people who understand where you’re moving. If you have an objective and you trace along and also you ’re a motivated individual, you are able to ’t let yourself get sidetracked and lose focus of what you’re attempting to go after.

“And it’s ’s a time-critical game. We can’t merely take these fights and go slow, because harms are real. If you choose a fight and you fight once and also you get injured, you are able to ’t take those five fights. As long as you’re fit, I feel like the more persistent you stay fighting, you’re just optimizing your time at the ring. … As long as you’re fit, you should just get it done. ”

The fight Aldrich was a lesson,” Barber said. Her trainer Marc Montoya of Factory X warned her around leading using “naked” shouts with no need to put them up. Aldrich took advantage and Barber made the required alterations. Brimming with full confidence in every areas, Barber knows that her ability is a wonderful equalizer.

But I hit tougher than all the chicks — definitely. I understand my own power. I understand the power that I possess and that I have it. ”

Barber definitely has “it. ” And now we all — and perhaps her, too — are all learning about howmuch with each passing bout.

“clearly, there were mistakes which I left, but I’m happy with the performance,” Barber said of the Aldrich fight. “I couldn’t be happy with it. Just like I told a few people, I believe like that I needed to show that me. The fact that I got dropped and also the fact that I took a couple strikes, obviously that’s not exactly what you might like to really do. But I’m Satisfied with the operation. ”


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