Lewis Hamilton qualified third in Bahrain, 0.324therefore shy of Ferrari poleman Charles Leclerc, while Valtteri Bottas has been 0.390s off at fourth place. 

Hamilton said following the session which Ferrari needed a “significant” advantage on the straights,” which left Mercedes searching for answers and attempting to check the impact of downforce levels and qualifying power manners.

Wolff reckons Mercedes has been losing “almost five-tenths ” on the straights at Bahrain, together with Ferrari establishing the form of gap it had in preseason testing in Spain. 

However, asked if the total pattern was more closer to Barcelona testing than Melbourne, where Ferrari fought, Wolff said: ldquo;Testing has been very much different. It ended up being a conflict of cornering performance. However, in testing no body really runs the manners that are sexy. ”

He included: &ldquoWe can just see that people have been out-performed on each and every right line, exceptionally out performed. 

“But again you want to take yourself through the nose and say are we overlooking something in terms of the way we’re calculating the downforce and haul levels? 

“you have to check out the complete picture. We harbor ’t done anything different. ”

“there ’s a handful corners where they have been somewhat better. 

“Generally, all the other corners are extremely similar and there’s a handful corners where we have been better so I would say the laptime gap originated from straight line.

“It’s a completely different picture to Melbourne as we’re identical or a better compared to those, so it’s a pretty big change, and also we all now had the exact identical power here compared to there. 

“I think theyrsquo;t found something, and I would say the speed gap matches more or less exactly what we saw at winter testing. ”

He stated that a greater downforce degree could possibly be valuable in the race if it helped to look after the tyres.

“& We ’ve seen that through the corners we all do really well, in order that’s an indicator that we’ve a good downforce flat,” said Wolff. 

“but you have to analyse it in greater detail, where precisely you are gaining and losing. 

“Now there may be an edge in terms of preserving the tyre life, however on the other side you’re a little bit without the weapons on the straight. ”

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG F1 W10

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG F1 W-10

Photo by: Steven Tee / LAT Pictures


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