described officials since the”worst on earth” after his Cardiff City side’s controversial loss to .

Cezar Azpilicueta was clearly offside when he headed at ’s 84th-minute equaliser within their magnificent 2-1 win.

Warnock also felt several different decisions went against Cardiff, who stay in the relegation zone.

“The most significant and best league in the entire world but most likely the most peculiar officials at the minute,” he explained.

“What do I say about my lads?

“I am invisibly since we have worked hard with this particular game and felt we could win it.

“contrary to the huge teams that you need VAR since you do not get the huge decisions. The equalising goal could be that the winning goal indeed, of course in case you can’t view upon the line and watch offside I don’t know why we come in the match .”

Cardiff seemed to be on course to their notable victory of this summer season until – who’d been clearly self indulgent – equalised throughout Azpilicueta.

Marcos Alonso flicked on a cross country and, although his fellow Spaniard was at the least a yard offside, assistant referee Eddie Smart maintained his flag down and the goal stood.

Warnock was also unhappy that ’s Antonio Rudiger wasn’t sent off after bringing down Kenneth Zohore as the Cardiff striker bore down on goal. Alternatively, referee Craig Pawson revealed the German defender a yellow card.

IE]>Cezar Azpilicueta scores Chelsea's equaliser

Warnock was visibly angry with all those calls, even though he had been angry with Smart’s decision to allow Azpilicueta’s equaliser.

The 70-year-old Cardiff boss walked on to the pitch after the last whistle and also approached the officials said nothing, only staring at them since they abandoned the area.

“At that stage people might be delighted to see you say something and get fined but so what can you say? I needed to get my lads a way because I did not want to find anybody penalized,” Warnock clarified.

“Burnley and [Cardiff’s relegation rivals] fans will soon probably be rubbing their hands in glee. It hurts.

“The referee had a decent game but we did not get the major decisions. The linesman, though… it is indeed disappointing. know they’ve got a way with murder now.”

Warnock did actually remonstrate with director at at a point however, also the Cardiff boss said that the exchange was amenable.

“He is lovely. He had been moaning of a throw-in or something,” Warnock added.

“I said’Do you not know he has two yards offside! You need to be patting him on your back, maybe not complaining about a throwin.’

“He [Sarri] did not realise he [Azpilicueta] had been offside, he explained.

“The game is passion. I am 70 bloody years old. If you are not passionate in my age once you see this kind of injustice when you’ve seen the lads battle and struggle as though they have… against a team that we should’ve beaten,” he explained.

“Would you anticipate mild and humble and’congratulations Sarri’, patting him on your back? Think about it, it’s the , it’s the greatest league in the entire world. And now we have been disappointed.”


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