FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Quick-hit Ideas and notes around the New England Patriots and also :

1. Coach might have been tightlipped with reporters at the ’s annual owners meetings in Arizona last week, but he was especially vocal supporting the scenes on one matter that he believes would reap the match. He wants more time to work with players in the offseason, which struck a positive chord among his fellow coaches.

“I’m in complete support of the standing,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told .com. “There is so much peace and quiet to get those guys. I think there was a time when old players were bargaining for these breaks when they thought less was even better. However, these guys [now ] love the match and would like to participate in it. And we love coaching and helping them.

“The match would only be better if we were in a position to do so, of course, if we were in experience of them more, they would be healthier as well — we can track their wellbeing. That you don’t even have to declare this. Simply provide them with the option”

After the most recent collective bargaining agreement was hit in 2011, offseason programs were reduced by five weeks.

As for the way this issue surfaced in last week’s annual meeting, it was clarified to me that the circumstance of Belichick’s remarks came as coaches, general managers and many others were briefed on the successes of their league as it enters its 100th year old. Belichick then passionately chimed in, and essentially said something like: While it is great to know good stuff, the focus should be on the way that it might be better. One of the ways to accomplish this, ” he said, was giving coaches more time with players.

“There is so many constructive things which come out of this, in terms of development of young players, so helping to really make sure these guys are learning the game and getting them ready to get their luck,” Panthers coach told .com. “Keeping players in a organized setting, there are many tools we’ve got when it comes to player development, it makes much feel that the sooner we are able to have them and work with themthe greater it’ll be.”

Given Belichick’s standing as a six-time Super Bowl-winning trainer who enters his own 45th season, his advocacy on the issue was well-received.

“He is one of the soothsayers. He deserves that and has got this,” Carroll said of Belichick. “He’therefore been very busy, and we all appreciate it”

2. Belichick’s leadership among coaches, and his efforts to unify them in various areas (e.g. for example paying extra time to come to a consensus on immediate playoff ), was clearly one of my own most important takeaways from being at the owners meetings. I came away thinking that while Belichick often scoffs at how the does business, and it has zero interest in feeding virtually almost any bunny (e.g. he made minimal effort to be cordial to reporters at the coaches’ break fast ), his passion for football is just really as strong as ever as he moves his 45th season. “definitely. “You are not only paying attention to some Hall of Fame trainer, however you’re paying attention to history and somebody who is able to reference some things we’ve never gone .”

3. The ’s rule change allowing offensive and defensive pass interference penalties to be reviewed, in addition to non-calls, might possibly be a step in the perfect way to correct everything happened towards the Saints in the NFC Championship Game. For me, that’s perhaps not really a very clear and obvious foul on replay, plus it makes me wonder if the change will spark more problems than simply solutions.


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