FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Quick-hit thoughts and notes around the New England Patriots and :

Inch. Coach Bill Belichick could have been tight lipped with reporters at the ’s annual owners encounters in Arizona last week, however he had been especially vocal supporting the scenes about a single issue he considers would reap the match. He wants more hours and energy for you to work with players at the offseason, which struck an optimistic chord one of his fellow coaches.

“There is so much peace and quiet to get these guys. I think there is an occasion when elderly players were negotiating for all those breaks when they thought less was even better. But these guys [now ] love the match and h to participate in it. And we love training and helping them.

“The match could only be better when we were able to do so, of course, when we were in experience of them more, they would be fitter as well — we could track their well being. You don’t even need to mandate that. Only give them the alternative “

After the latest collective bargaining agreement was hit at 2011, offseason apps were reduced by five weeks.

As for the way this issue surfaced at last week’s annual meeting, it had been described to me that the context of Belichick’s comments came as coaches, general managers and many others were briefed on the successes of their league since it passes its 100th year old. Belichick then passionately chimed in, and essentially said something like: While it is great to hear great stuff, the focus should be about how it can be even better. One of those techniques to do that, ” he said, was giving coaches longer hours together with players.

“There is so many good things that could come out of this, in terms of development of young players, so helping really make certain that these guys are learning about the game and getting them ready to get their luck,” Panthers coach told .com. “Maintaining players at a organized setting, you can find many tools we have with respect to player development, it makes much sense that the sooner we will get them work with themthe higher it will be.”

“It’s a tremendous amount of burden,” Rivera said of Belichick directing the discussion on the subject, while also crediting Kansas City Chiefs trainer for taking a similar approach to league difficulties.

“He’s one of those soothsayers. “He’s been very busy, and all of us love it”

2. Belichick’s leadership one of coaches, along with his attempts to unite them in different areas (e.g. such as spending time to visit some consensus on instant replay), was one of my own most important takeaways from being at the owners meetings. I came away believing that while Belichick usually scoffs at how the does business, also it has zero interest in feeding virtually any hype (e.g. he left minimal work to be clubbed with reporters at the coaches’ breakfast), his love for football is as strong as ever because he enters his 45th season. “Absolutely. When Bill grabs the microphone, every one of us are paying attention,” Saints coach Sean Payton said. “You’re not only watching your Hall of Fame trainer, but you’re watching history and some one who is able to reference some things we haven’t been .”

3. Even the ’s rule change to allow offensive and defensive pass interference penalties to be reviewed, in addition to non-calls, could be considered a step in the perfect way to fix what happened towards the Saints in the NFC Championship Game. But I abandoned the encounters with an increase of concern about the possible unintended consequences of the change after ’s Adam Schefter reported this, under the new rules, would have been penalized for pass interference on Brandin Cooks at super-bowl LIIIwith all the chunk seen at the 1-yard lineup. To me, that is not just really a clear and obvious foul on replay, plus it makes me wonder if the change will spark more problems in relation to simply solutions.


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